Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The War against Jewish settlers 10/25/2011

*** (20:46:32):Welcome to the The real Pistonpilot Chat Room.
exposingdemons says to  (20:52:21):
The real Pistonpilot says (20:57:35):
Minister Grok says to  (21:04:12):
God Bless you!
Minister Grok says to  (21:13:35):
this clip is funny!
Measure of Faith says to  (21:28:52):
Measure of Faith says to  (21:29:00):
hello ben
Measure of Faith says to  (21:29:10):
the best the brightest !
The real Pistonpilot says (21:31:29):
Hello Robert.
CraigShaull says to  (21:32:17):
Is this Glenn Beck or Ben's show
The real Pistonpilot says (21:36:48):
The real Pistonpilot says (21:40:02):
exposingdemons says to  (21:53:09):

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