Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday night politics with Ben Solomon 6/10/2012

 Benyamin Solomon's note: Due to Howard Bloom [OAJ] posting my personal info, I decided to censor it. It is replaced by the word censor. Same is true where Howard Bloom uses my real name in his chat IDs.
*** (22:32:26):Welcome to the rwj Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (22:34:42):
(}) Melinda
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (22:35:16):
This shall be my farewell show unless I do a show tomorrow. Between this time and August, my cohost Robert Scott shall take over. I'll be back on August.
MELINDA says to  (22:36:19):
I will miss you, Benyamin.
MELINDA says to  (22:36:34):
I love you, and I love hearing your voice.  I think you are so smart.
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (22:36:41):
Thank you Melinda. Thanks for your support.
MELINDA says to  (22:37:07):
Maybe I can fly out to New York and we can meet.  I'd love to talk to you.
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (22:37:30):
I'll be out of town.
MELINDA says to  (22:37:50):
Come to Oregon.
MELINDA says to  (22:37:53):
I will take care of you.
MELINDA says to  (22:37:58):
I will protect you.
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (22:37:56):
MELINDA says to  (22:39:03):
I will protect you from the Nazi sympathizers like Kalagenesis, Antoinette, aabbcc and the other black radical Nazi anti-Semites.
MELINDA says to  (22:39:36):
Warlord X is another Nazi sympathizer black radical who supports death camps.
rossp says to  (22:45:33):
not melinda
MELINDA says to  (22:46:19):
i just don't understand why those people hate benyamin so much.  they also seem to hate jews too.
MELINDA says to  (22:46:23):
just doesn't make sense
exposingdemons 1 says to  (22:47:12):
(})Erev Tov Ben
exposingdemons 1 says to  (22:47:18):
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (22:47:24):
Erev Tov, exposingdemons
rossp says to  (22:48:17):
lostXnoXmore says to  (22:50:27):
ערב טוב
lostXnoXmore says to  (22:50:32):
lostXnoXmore says to  (22:51:13):
מקווה גם
rossp says to  (22:51:19):
Dude this english here
exposingdemons 1 says to  (22:51:20):
exposingdemons 1 says to  (22:51:39):
Its international here Ross
exposingdemons 1 says to  (22:52:13):
The world doesnt revolve around the US foolish Ross8-)
exposingdemons 1 says to  (22:52:16):
MELINDA says to  (22:52:29):
i don't know
rossp says to  (22:52:34):
Yes it dose
exposingdemons 1 says to  (22:52:38):
exposingdemons 1 says to  (22:52:50):
you keep dreaming ross
MELINDA says to  (22:52:52):
michelle mooochelle manchelle bitchelle's ass is real big.  seems everything has to revolve around it.
MELINDA says to  (22:52:53):
rossp says to  (22:53:25):
We know you want to kill US.
exposingdemons 1 says to  (22:53:31):
MELINDA says to  (22:53:38):
i love you, benyamin
lostXnoXmore says to  (22:53:40):
MELINDA says to  (22:53:45):
we need to save us's relationship with israel
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (22:53:53):
MELINDA says to  (22:54:03):
radicals like obama and van jones and reverend wright want to destroy the jewish people and israel
MELINDA says to  (22:54:10):
we must protect israel and the jewish people
MELINDA says to  (22:54:13):
i love you, benymain
RealiXTee says to  (22:54:44):
the hell with Israel
MELINDA says to  (22:55:11):
RealiXTee says to  (22:55:13):
do you know the history of israel
MELINDA says to  (22:55:19):
that is so anti-semitic
MELINDA says to  (22:55:31):
can't believe BTR lets Nazi sympathizers post comments.
whiteman says to  (22:55:39):
RealiXTee says to  (22:55:46):
MELINDA says to  (22:55:57):
omg  the violence
MELINDA says to  (22:56:01):
leave benyamin alone
rossp says to  (22:56:14):
Ilove haters.
MELINDA says to  (22:56:18):
I love you, Benyamin.  I will protect you.
RealiXTee says to  (22:56:22):
ben and i are Arch rivals
rossp says to  (22:56:27):
RealiXTee says to  (22:56:48):
im a lion hes a gazelle
rossp says to  (22:57:43):
You live in your mammas basement
RealiXTee says to  (22:58:09):
exposingdemons 1 says to  (22:58:12):
RealiXTee says to  (22:58:36):
so elemetary
rossp says to  (22:58:57):
But true
RealiXTee says to  (22:59:38):
no its not true ...i live in the attic...a.ka. pent house....
lostXnoXmore says to  (22:59:50):
Bye all............(}) perhaps, people will stop hating and unite
rossp says to  (22:59:54):
RealiXTee says to  (23:00:50):
i cant wait until the morning
rossp says to  (23:01:42):
Good wish
RealiXTee says to  (23:01:44):
 i love to eat fruity loops and watch all the neighbors go to work then i go back to sleep...thats very tiring
rossp says to  (23:02:09):
MELINDA says to  (23:03:26):
rossp says to  (23:03:28):
Tee say good stuff
MELINDA says to  (23:03:31):
is that true, benyamin?
RealiXTee says to  (23:03:37):
good mood food
MELINDA says to  (23:03:48):
he's wanted for sex trade in thailand?
MELINDA says to  (23:03:50):
 Censor says to  (23:04:06):
rossp says to  (23:04:09):
Eggs & Ham
rossp says to  (23:05:02):
Why do ya do the show?
RealiXTee says to  (23:05:37):
 how do i stand on prostitution....i dont...i lay on it
RealiXTee says to  (23:06:27):
i dont pay for sex...i pay for the woman to leave...
RealiXTee says to  (23:06:40):
some women nag all day
Ophelia Balls says to  (23:07:15):
Pervs in America are a dime a dozen. Show me a man who isnt a perv and we can discuss that person, because dicussing OAJ is like discussing the meteor that might hit the Earth but we can do nothing about
rossp says to  (23:07:17):
Tee can Nag
RealiXTee says to  (23:07:47):
im callin in now
rossp says to  (23:08:28):
You an't got a phone
RealiXTee says to  (23:08:37):
ben and i went to hi school together
bluesky69 says to  (23:08:42):
hey benyamin,rossp,melinda (L):-*
rossp says to  (23:08:59):
Not Blue
Ophelia Balls says to  (23:09:05):
I would call in but someone stole my phone at a fair
bluesky69 says to  (23:09:30):
would u like to use my phone oophelia?
RealiXTee says to  (23:09:31):
thats only joking...trying help ben seem cool...
RealiXTee says to  (23:09:53):
i would have dropped out if ben wen to my hi school
MELINDA says to  (23:10:04):
hey, bluesky
MELINDA says to  (23:10:10):
people are really attacking benyamin
Ophelia Balls says to  (23:10:11):
lol Real
MELINDA says to  (23:10:19):
they are publishing his address
MELINDA says to  (23:10:31):
i don't think that should be legal
bluesky69 says to  (23:10:48):
i seen that melinda
rossp says to  (23:10:51):
Ben is on the edge
bluesky69 says to  (23:10:53):
that is terrible
Ophelia Balls says to  (23:11:08):
What will stop people from doing stuff like that? No law will ever stop people. This is the internet, not a subway station
RealiXTee says to  (23:11:17):
don t push him then
bluesky69 says to  (23:11:40):
(lol) ophelia
MELINDA says to  (23:12:01):
at least people have to pay at the subway station
MELINDA says to  (23:12:14):
here you get trash that can ride for free and do mean things
RealiXTee says to  (23:13:00):
prostitutes should give out punch cards like at the coffee shop...10 dates get 1 free
Ophelia Balls says to  (23:13:18):
It might help business in this slow economy
MELINDA says to  (23:13:36):
that's disgusting
rossp says to  (23:14:10):
Tee easy on the font thing
Ophelia Balls says to  (23:14:14):
Prostitution is a way of life, no way getting around it or trying to shelter yourself from it. People like to sell their bodies for easy money, such is life
MELINDA says to  (23:14:17):
a man-bitch?
exposingdemons 1 says to  (23:14:30):
RealiXTee says to  (23:14:49):
do you have a problem if you borrow money from your wife to pay a prostitute
MELINDA says to  (23:15:09):
I'm talking about the punch card for hookers.  They are people, not subway sandwiches or coffees.
  Censor says to  (23:15:15):
Ophelia Balls says to  (23:15:27):
I would have a problem with that, but thats just me. These days the wife is probably spending her money on some man whore anyway, so to each their own
exposingdemons 1 says to  (23:15:28):
RealiXTee says to  (23:15:49):
so we should kiss when we are finish also melind
MELINDA says to  (23:16:00):
MELINDA says to  (23:16:09):
okay, i don't know what anyone's talking about
MELINDA says to  (23:16:18):
i just saw punch cards for hookers.
MELINDA says to  (23:16:21):
that's just kinda gross.
RealiXTee says to  (23:16:28):
know one knows what anyones talking about
RealiXTee says to  (23:16:40):
welcome to the matrix/ twilite zone
Ophelia Balls says to  (23:16:42):
I think real is talking about getting his package taken in for routine maintenance
rossp says to  (23:17:05):
Re name Tee. Billboard
RealiXTee says to  (23:17:24):
what package
RealiXTee says to  (23:17:33):
RealiXTee says to  (23:17:54):
im gettin sleepy
Ophelia Balls says to  (23:18:08):
Being here its a wonder you haven't fallen into a coma
RealiXTee says to  (23:18:25):
this is hell
RealiXTee says to  (23:18:53):
good nite
Ophelia Balls says to  (23:18:58):
cya real
RealiXTee says to  (23:19:17):
nite nite
 Censor says to  (23:20:09):
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (23:20:12):
OAJ has been kicked out.
Ophelia Balls says to  (23:20:39):
good, dude was getting more annoying than a woman driver on the highway
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (23:21:03):
Howard Bloom is a pervert, who is wanted in Thailand for his perversion.
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (23:21:20):
Howard Bloom is a typical sexual immoral perverted Ron Paul retard.
exposingdemons 1 says to  (23:23:47):
(})gotta go ben
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (23:25:50):
I'm extending this show by half an hour.
debidaly says to  (23:29:19):
dont let him get to you
debidaly says to  (23:29:24):
he picks on everyone
debidaly says to  (23:29:26):
me too
debidaly says to  (23:30:03):
btr told me he was NOT allowed on BTR shows
MELINDA says to  (23:33:02):
but why is he always back, debi
MELINDA says to  (23:33:11):
they let him back.  he's been harrassing people for years.
MELINDA says to  (23:33:24):
they need to find a way to eliminate him once and for all.
MELINDA says to  (23:33:35):
he's publishing benyamin's address and photo.
debidaly says to  (23:33:44):
maybe because they only bitch at me
MELINDA says to  (23:34:32):
it's horrible what that mean guy has been doing to you and benyamin
MELINDA says to  (23:34:38):
i don't understand why people are so mean
MELINDA says to  (23:34:41):
and violent
debidaly says to  (23:34:44):
meh, it's an act
debidaly says to  (23:34:54):
he's not a bad guy at heart
MELINDA says to  (23:35:12):
you're very kind, debi
debidaly says to  (23:35:21):
MELINDA says to  (23:35:25):
he's done a lot of mean stuff to a lot of people
debidaly says to  (23:35:44):
sticks and stones
debidaly says to  (23:35:46):
MELINDA says to  (23:35:48):
he was publishing benyamin's address
MELINDA says to  (23:35:52):
that's real aggressive
MELINDA says to  (23:35:58):
puts benyamin at risk
MELINDA says to  (23:36:03):
and i want to protect benyamin
debidaly says to  (23:36:03):
debidaly says to  (23:36:16):
people on the internet don't hurt people in person
debidaly says to  (23:36:19):
trust me
MELINDA says to  (23:36:41):
but what if some radical showed up at benyamin's house?
debidaly says to  (23:36:50):
they're not
MELINDA says to  (23:37:06):
that's kinda scary.  i'm a marine, and i'd just shoot the person.  but benyamin is young.
debidaly says to  (23:37:16):
uh, ok
debidaly says to  (23:37:27):
nobody is going to hurt anyone
MELINDA says to  (23:37:30):
or what if benyamin's mom answered the door
debidaly says to  (23:37:35):
they "lol" at the fear
MELINDA says to  (23:37:41):
what if these people tried to rape his mother?
debidaly says to  (23:37:46):
oh please
debidaly says to  (23:38:06):
i know who you are melinda :S
MELINDA says to  (23:38:15):
MELINDA says to  (23:38:22):
I'm just saying, debi.
MELINDA says to  (23:38:32):
there are some real freaks on btr
debidaly says to  (23:38:35):
it saulgoodman
MELINDA says to  (23:38:45):
putting someone's address on btr is inviting trouble
debidaly says to  (23:38:47):
we're all weird
Ophelia Balls says to  (23:38:53):
speak for yourself
debidaly says to  (23:38:55):
my dox is all over the www
MELINDA says to  (23:38:57):
wouldn't you be pissed if people put your private info. on btr.
debidaly says to  (23:39:07):
everyone knows my dox
debidaly says to  (23:39:15):
thanks to bill wagggoner
MELINDA says to  (23:39:21):
MELINDA says to  (23:39:23):
that's just wrong
MELINDA says to  (23:39:26):
i'm sorry for that
debidaly says to  (23:39:26):
i'm still here
debidaly says to  (23:39:33):
nothing changed
debidaly says to  (23:39:53):
hey i'm not sayin it's okay, but fear is just not an option when dealing with trolls
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (23:39:52):
OAJ is a perverted demened Ron Paul 9/11 conspiracy theorist, who is obsessed with personal information.
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (23:40:11):
No wonder that BTR doesn't want OAJ controlling any of the switchboards.
debidaly says to  (23:40:24):
this might be true
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (23:40:21):
debidaly says to  (23:40:30):
i got it
debidaly says to  (23:40:47):
he talks about you all the time
debidaly says to  (23:40:56):
have you not figured out what haters are?
MELINDA says to  (23:41:15):
This Antoinette woman is a racist bitch.  Just listen to her.
MELINDA says to  (23:41:29):
She's also real stupid.  Listen to the ghetto voice and the violence.  She's trash.
debidaly says to  (23:41:35):
so much negativity in here, is this my chatroom?
debidaly says to  (23:41:37):
debidaly says to  (23:41:55):
hey, i fought "the anti debi daly" league
debidaly says to  (23:42:03):
i have fought an army
MELINDA says to  (23:42:04):
good for you, debi
debidaly says to  (23:42:05):
and won
MELINDA says to  (23:42:09):
that's great
MELINDA says to  (23:42:11):
glad you won
debidaly says to  (23:42:14):
it's just stix and stones
debidaly says to  (23:42:19):
there is no losing
debidaly says to  (23:42:27):
the more we react, the more they win
debidaly says to  (23:42:30):
MELINDA says to  (23:42:31):
listen to this antoinette woman
debidaly says to  (23:42:35):
she's a troll
MELINDA says to  (23:42:36):
she's a racist and a sepratist
debidaly says to  (23:42:42):
she's a troll
debidaly says to  (23:42:52):
she's doing it to get a reaction
debidaly says to  (23:42:55):
and she's good
debidaly says to  (23:43:04):

they should have hung up on her
debidaly says to  (23:43:09):
she's winning
debidaly says to  (23:44:04):
i just popped in here because i've heard about benyamin and never heard him
exposingdemons 1 says to  (23:44:07):
You need serious help Debidaly, U are the biggest drama queen on BTR, wake up to yourself little girl
exposingdemons 1 says to  (23:44:11):
exposingdemons 1 says to  (23:44:13):
debidaly says to  (23:44:18):
not anymore exposing
MELINDA says to  (23:44:24):
hey, be nice to debi
debidaly says to  (23:44:28):
it's okay
debidaly says to  (23:44:30):
he's trolling
debidaly says to  (23:44:33):
ignore him
exposingdemons 1 says to  (23:44:35):
go cry about your trolls debi
exposingdemons 1 says to  (23:44:40):
debidaly says to  (23:44:43):
click onhis name and click ignore
debidaly says to  (23:44:50):
i've been very nice to him
debidaly says to  (23:44:54):
he's a hater-troll
exposingdemons 1 says to  (23:44:57):
u encourage your trolls and then cry about them
exposingdemons 1 says to  (23:45:00):
wake up
debidaly says to  (23:45:03):
those kind are very very jealous
exposingdemons 1 says to  (23:45:05):
silly woman
debidaly says to  (23:45:11):
just ignore him
debidaly says to  (23:45:28):
i put him on ignore
debidaly says to  (23:45:31):
it's a great button
debidaly says to  (23:45:42):
he used to come in my chatroom back when i was at war
debidaly says to  (23:45:45):
i won that war
debidaly says to  (23:45:52):
and yes there was drama
debidaly says to  (23:46:02):
he does not know what his stupid troll mouth is talking about
debidaly says to  (23:46:15):
see? he's gone
debidaly says to  (23:46:22):
ignore = they leave
MELINDA says to  (23:46:23):
wow, debi
MELINDA says to  (23:46:26):
you're right
debidaly says to  (23:46:35):
they feed on reaction
debidaly says to  (23:46:57):
what he might be doing is signing into another name
debidaly says to  (23:47:12):
if so, he'll attack again
debidaly says to  (23:47:15):
debidaly says to  (23:47:36):
he is desperate for a reaction
debidaly says to  (23:47:47):
i'll hush now lol
debidaly says to  (23:48:31):
"dead air" debi lol
debidaly says to  (23:48:38):
i do it all the time ben
Sarge6O says to  (23:49:12):
Iron Swine says to  (23:50:17):
bob tuskin says to  (23:50:36):
hi benny
bob tuskin says to  (23:50:45):
long live isreal
bob tuskin says to  (23:51:05):
old one eye
bob tuskin says to  (23:51:34):
mommys boy
bob tuskin says to  (23:51:43):
anthoney demarco
bob tuskin says to  (23:52:37):
bob tuskin says to  (23:52:48):
palibeanos are fake
debidaly says to  (23:56:04):
debidaly says to  (23:57:07):
debidaly says to  (23:57:36):
i was interested in ur talk
debidaly says to  (23:57:58):
ignore em
debidaly says to  (23:58:48):
be nice
debidaly says to  (23:59:52):
debidaly says to  (00:00:08):
debidaly says to  (00:00:31):
Thank you.

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