Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Libyan Islamist Betrayal of America 9/29/2012 [night] Teshrei 14, 5773

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 Turkey is no Egypt or Libya. It is a rich nation with the power to challenge Iran, the kingpin of the region and the seat of radical Islamic power
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can be seen in its vocal criticism of Syria, Iran’s closest ally in the area.Turkey even gave Syrian President Bashar al-Assad an ultimatum to implement long-promised political reforms and stop suppressing protesters—or else face a Turkish intervention.
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in September, Erdoğan undertook a tour of Muslim nations in a bid to strengthen Turkey’s standing in the Arab world.
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Why the sudden transformation from a key ally to the U.S. and Israel into a hostile enemy? Only biblical prophecy can give the answers.
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Turkey is identified in prophecy as Edom .The Bible foretold that Turkey would eventually betray Israel, and that is beginning to be fulfilled right now. This will be, in part, the result of the quiet revolution that has occurred in Turkey over the last
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