Sunday, March 17, 2013

Israel's radical Ultra-Orthodox moves leftward [politically] 3/17/2013

Ben Solomon's note: I had problems with firefox. So I had to quit and come back. So I put the web lob version of the chatroom right below and the non-web log version that I have is right below the web log version:

2013-03-1812:26:57 AMrwj Benyamin Solomonenter the room
2013-03-1812:27:27 AMrwj Benyamin SolomonSorry. My iphone acted up on the last moment on me.
2013-03-1812:31:39 AMGGT183enter the room
2013-03-1812:31:46 AMrwj Benyamin Solomon(}) ggt
2013-03-1812:31:51 AMGGT183(})
2013-03-1812:31:59 AMGGT183sounds good
2013-03-1812:32:01 AMGuest20576enter the room
2013-03-1812:32:30 AMGuest20576quit the room
2013-03-1812:33:07 AMKatGirl23enter the room
2013-03-1812:34:20 AMKatGirl23Ben!!
2013-03-1812:36:53 AMKatGirl23Why do we support Morsi, ben?
2013-03-1812:37:24 AMKatGirl23we = obama administration
2013-03-1812:38:30 AMKatGirl23what did your iphone do?
2013-03-1812:38:49 AMrwj Benyamin Solomonquit the room
2013-03-1812:39:06 AMGuest20664enter the room
2013-03-1812:40:13 AMGGT183firefox sucks
2013-03-1812:40:32 AMGGT183use google chrome
2013-03-1812:40:43 AMKatGirl23I use Chrome
2013-03-1812:40:46 AMKatGirl23on the pc
2013-03-1812:41:01 AMGuest20664quit the room
2013-03-1812:41:10 AMKatGirl23ben you were doing so great
2013-03-1812:43:15 AMrwj Benyamin Solomonenter the room
2013-03-1812:47:36 AMGGT183can we hear puff the magic missle?
2013-03-1812:49:09 AMKatGirl23ben, have you been to Israel?
2013-03-1812:49:34 AMrwj Benyamin SolomonTwice
2013-03-1812:49:46 AMKatGirl23What's is like to in NYC?
2013-03-1812:49:54 AMKatGirl23it*
2013-03-1812:50:22 AMrwj Benyamin SolomonDid I sound clear the whole time?
2013-03-1812:50:24 AMrwj Benyamin SolomonI hope so
2013-03-1812:50:32 AMGuest20798enter the room
2013-03-1812:50:34 AMrwj Benyamin SolomonJust making sure. I know that skype on BTR ca be crap
2013-03-1812:50:42 AMKatGirl23your sound is great
2013-03-1812:51:06 AMKatGirl23ben, that was a cool song
2013-03-1812:52:18 AMrwj Benyamin SolomonThanks, Katgirl
2013-03-1812:55:03 AMGuest20798quit the room
2013-03-1812:56:50 AMGuest20855enter the room
2013-03-1812:57:30 AMGGT183quit the room
2013-03-1812:57:37 AMGuest20855quit the room
2013-03-1812:57:44 AMKatGirl23??
2013-03-1812:57:51 AMKatGirl23quit the room
*** (00:43:13):Welcome to the rwj Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
GGT183 says to  (00:47:36):
can we hear puff the magic missle?
KatGirl23 says to  (00:49:09):
ben, have you been to Israel?
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (00:49:31):
KatGirl23 says to  (00:49:46):
What's is like to in NYC?
KatGirl23 says to  (00:49:54):
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (00:50:19):
Did I sound clear the whole time?
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (00:50:21):
 I hope so
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (00:50:31):
Just making sure. I know that skype on BTR ca be crap
KatGirl23 says to  (00:50:42):
your sound is great
KatGirl23 says to  (00:51:06):
ben, that was a cool song
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (00:52:15):
Thanks, Katgirl
KatGirl23 says to  (00:57:44):

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