Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Welcome to the Islamic Republic of the UN 5/7/2014

*** (16:07:33):Welcome to the HLF Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
MELINDA says to  (16:21:14):
hello, benyamin
MELINDA says to  (16:21:18):
i am in love with you
MELINDA says to  (16:21:37):
god bless you!!!
MELINDA says to  (16:25:59):
but what about john kerry and the apartheid state?
HLF Benyamin Solomon says (16:26:53):
What about tht?
HLF Benyamin Solomon says (16:26:56):
MELINDA says to  (16:30:09):
john kerry said israel is becoming an apartheid state
MELINDA says to  (16:30:18):
didn't you hear about that?
HLF Benyamin Solomon says (16:30:36):
He said that Israel may be an Apartheid state if there is no peace.
HLF Benyamin Solomon says (16:42:47):
VitoEsposito says to  (16:43:02):
Hi Benjamin
VitoEsposito says to  (16:43:15):
Benyamin.  sorry about the spelling
HLF Benyamin Solomon says (16:45:25):
Don't worry about it.
VitoEsposito says to  (16:50:32):
Exactly! When Hamas is not made to amend their charter that calls for the annihilation of Israel, the UN is a fraud! The OIC are a fraud!
VitoEsposito says to  (16:59:42):
Abbas is no different than Hamas. The PA has the same terror mentality as Hamas!
VitoEsposito says to  (17:01:05):
Ciao Benyamin!  Happy Independence Day! 66 yrs!!!
HLF Benyamin Solomon says (17:01:20):

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