Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How AJ Labs uses dumb Women to broadcast anti-Israel Propaganda 9/2/2014 [technically 9/3/2014]

*** (22:06:35):Welcome to the HLF Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
flycatch says to  (22:20:52):
No such thing as an innocent Muslim.
flycatch says to  (22:22:49):
There is no excuse for Islam since they promote themselves as savages.
flycatch says to  (22:25:21):
If you are a practicing Muslim you can't deny the words of the Koran.
flycatch says to  (22:26:20):
Muslims males use their women as shields either in battle or sitting in a TV studio.
flycatch says to  (22:28:53):
HAMAS is just another Muslim organizations used to promote their war on the infidels.
flycatch says to  (22:31:19):
Host, go back in history and you will find that the Jews and Christians did not recognize Muhammad as a prophet. This is the reason why he declared war on these two religions.
flycatch says to  (22:34:04):
The Jews were promised the land of Palestine and they are full filling this gift.

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