Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is Israel next in Line? 7/2/2011

*** (00:41:14):Welcome to the Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
a12iggymom says to  (00:41:31):
Hi Benyamin
a12iggymom says to  (00:42:30):
Hi TnT
bluesky69 says to  (00:44:05):
hi benyamin(L):-*
bluesky69 says to  (00:44:14):
hi shawn(L):-*
a12iggymom says to  (00:44:14):
hi bluesky!!
bluesky69 says to  (00:44:24):
hi iggy(L):-*
Conservative T and T says to  (00:45:10):
Hi iggy, blue
bluesky69 says to  (00:46:45):
a12iggymom says to  (00:47:58):
hi ggt
Antoinette from De says to  (00:50:45):
hello ben, blue, tnt, Germaine, guest, Tah
Tahlliss says to  (00:51:07):
Good evening Antoinette
ggt183 says to  (00:51:08):
Tahlliss says to  (00:51:32):
There's rumors that Russia is going to attack Libyra.  This may not be good for Israel :(
Conservative T and T says to  (00:51:38):
Hi Antoinette
a12iggymom says to  (00:52:05):
hi Antoinette, Paul,Tahliss
Tahlliss says to  (00:52:13):
Hi there Iggymom
PaulHicks says to  (00:52:24):
bluesky69 says to  (00:53:03):
hi antoinette(L):-*
bluesky69 says to  (00:58:28):
a12iggymom says to  (00:58:45):
ho ecco
a12iggymom says to  (00:58:57):
hi too
Antoinette from De says to  (00:58:58):
helllo iggy and ecco
MacMikeStiny says to  (00:59:00):
hello benyamin. alan sends his best
ecco says to  (00:59:17):
dis is against my better judgement :D
Antoinette from De says to  (00:59:18):
hello macmike
a12iggymom says to  (00:59:24):
hello MacMike
MacMikeStiny says to  (00:59:25):
MacMikeStiny says to  (01:00:07):
just finished some great stuffed durbins fir dinner, awesome
ecco says to  (01:00:45):
hi blue and iggymom
bluesky69 says to  (01:01:02):
ecco says to  (01:01:03):
go McCotter!!!!
ecco says to  (01:01:23):
:-* blue
bluesky69 says to  (01:01:40):
little peck on dA CHEEK WONT HURT
ecco says to  (01:01:54):
a little peck on da cheek won't hurt
bluesky69 says to  (01:02:02):
ecco says to  (01:02:49):
yikes! i heard an ecco 8-|
WAAU Radio says to  (01:04:19):
Craig here
WAAU Radio says to  (01:04:30):
hi everyone (})
bluesky69 says to  (01:04:33):
hi craig(L):-*
Antoinette from De says to  (01:04:52):
helloo craig
Tahlliss says to  (01:04:59):
bluesky69 says to  (01:05:20):
hi tahllis(L):-*
a12iggymom says to  (01:05:27):
WAAU Radio says to  (01:05:41):
hi iggymom
WAAU Radio says to  (01:05:47):
hi blue
WAAU Radio says to  (01:05:54):
hi antoinette
WAAU Radio says to  (01:06:01):
hi T&T
WAAU Radio says to  (01:06:04):
hi ecco
WAAU Radio says to  (01:06:10):
hi Tahliss
ecco says to  (01:06:36):
(Tp) paasing out rehetoric from dis show
Tahlliss says to  (01:07:16):
Hi bluesky sorry I didn't see your message.
bluesky69 says to  (01:07:54):
that;s ok
ecco says to  (01:07:56):
Tahlliss says to  (01:08:14):
ecco says to  (01:08:29):
blue isn't bouncing right now :D
bluesky69 says to  (01:08:56):
(lol) ecco
ecco says to  (01:10:12):
(Tp) advertding da show
ecco says to  (01:10:28):
bluesky69 says to  (01:11:23):
hi ozone(L):-*
Antoinette from De says to  (01:11:28):
hello ozone
Antoinette from De says to  (01:11:42):
did't i see you earlier
a12iggymom says to  (01:11:57):
hi O-zone
The O-zone™ says to  (01:12:08):
The O-zone™ says to  (01:13:53):
radical muslims were allies with hitler
ecco says to  (01:14:05):
the bats willl all go to bed before T and T's show :D
The O-zone™ says to  (01:14:20):
just like they are allies with socialists today
bluesky69 says to  (01:15:18):
(lol) ecco
The O-zone™ says to  (01:15:28):
air france flight where jews were taken to entebi was hijacked by muslims...AND GERMAN SOCIALISTS together
Tahlliss says to  (01:16:07):
when did that happen o-zone?
The O-zone™ says to  (01:16:33):
the aniversary of entebi raid is 4th of July
The O-zone™ says to  (01:16:35):
Tahlliss says to  (01:16:52):
oh I thought like recently
ecco says to  (01:17:08):
Bohemia is part of Germany....Bohemian Grove
Tahlliss says to  (01:17:24):
gggrrr bones and skulls
ecco says to  (01:17:25):
owl worshippers
The O-zone™ says to  (01:17:26):
sweden is next
The O-zone™ says to  (01:17:59):
it is madness
The O-zone™ says to  (01:18:21):
europe is next
ecco says to  (01:18:39):
our leaders worship :@
ecco says to  (01:19:40):
why not worship A TOAD? :D
Antoinette from De says to  (01:19:53):
ecco,  I did not know that bohemia ws in germany
The O-zone™ says to  (01:20:01):
this is how all North Africa became muslim countries
Antoinette from De says to  (01:20:09):
but not  surprising
The O-zone™ says to  (01:20:19):
The O-zone™ says to  (01:20:38):
The O-zone™ says to  (01:20:41):
ecco says to  (01:21:06):
 the Internet has loads of informaton
Tahlliss says to  (01:21:22):
I saw this video that many latins are converting to become muslims
Tahlliss says to  (01:22:19):
well in Mexico
ecco says to  (01:22:32):
best bet to beat Obama
Benyamin Solomon says (01:23:30):
ecco says to  (01:24:33):
McCotter is presidential
ecco says to  (01:24:53):
unlike O
a12iggymom says to  (01:24:55):
McCotter 2012
ecco says to  (01:25:03):
Tahlliss says to  (01:25:23):
who's McCotter?
ecco says to  (01:25:34):
MI rep
Tahlliss says to  (01:25:54):
I didn't know he was running
ecco says to  (01:26:02):
watch the videos above Ta
a12iggymom says to  (01:26:16):
Thad McCotter, the link are videos of him...from MI, true conservative
Tahlliss says to  (01:26:17):
but then I can't listern to Benyanmin
ecco says to  (01:26:24):
McCotter is great!!!!!
ecco says to  (01:26:34):
Tahlliss says to  (01:26:37):
I'll watch it when show is down :-)
a12iggymom says to  (01:26:46):
lol save it for later...
Tahlliss says to  (01:26:46):
I can't multi task :-p
The O-zone™ says to  (01:27:20):
unless muslims are killing each other, then ots ok
The O-zone™ says to  (01:27:36):
its disregarded
ecco says to  (01:28:12):
:D Tah
Tahlliss says to  (01:28:45):
The O-zone™ says to  (01:29:24):
democrats are constaatnly creating openings for radical muslims to take over countries and areas
Tahlliss says to  (01:29:58):
I agree with that
The O-zone™ says to  (01:30:13):
1979 carter pres: Iran became radical Islamic state
ecco says to  (01:30:19):
dems "feel" it's alright The O
The O-zone™ says to  (01:30:38):
1990s Clinton fights for muslims in Kosovo
ecco says to  (01:30:52):
we didn't feel our way to this point :@
The O-zone™ says to  (01:31:23):
now Obama takes out secular regime in Egypt
ecco says to  (01:32:17):
feelers will groap u at da TSA :D
Tahlliss says to  (01:33:26):
why aren't liberal jews helping israel?  I just don't understand that.
The O-zone™ says to  (01:34:13):
scared of reality i.e. denial   blind hope
Tahlliss says to  (01:35:06):
I don't understand. If Israel is gone where is the hope?
The O-zone™ says to  (01:35:12):
liberalism is a mental disorder
Tahlliss says to  (01:35:21):
haha tthe truth
Tahlliss says to  (01:35:31):
looney libera
ecco says to  (01:35:41):
right The
Tahlliss says to  (01:35:48):
ecco says to  (01:36:12):
libs are definitely sickos
The O-zone™ says to  (01:36:19):
Bush did not acknowledge Arafat
ecco says to  (01:37:11):
look at the libs ..da look sick ...never smile or nutin :S
Tahlliss says to  (01:39:34):
because Obama is a muslim
ecco says to  (01:40:15):
sick attitude
ecco says to  (01:40:59):
ggt is bad enough :D
The O-zone™ says to  (01:41:48):
The O-zone™ says to  (01:41:52):
The O-zone™ says to  (01:42:41):
not only is that ridiculous, hes explaining how everyone needs to be educated about it
ecco says to  (01:42:59):
people dozing off in here :@
ecco says to  (01:44:17):
(Tp) ok .... we are having a quiz in five minutes
a12iggymom says to  (01:44:33):
Tahlliss says to  (01:44:44):
quiz?  I get test aniexty
Tahlliss says to  (01:44:59):
can I cheat off of you iggy?
a12iggymom says to  (01:45:31):
a12iggymom says to  (01:45:33):
Tahlliss says to  (01:45:37):
The O-zone™ says to  (01:46:11):
just because your father gave you an arabic first name and a muslim middle name, and you were raised by a muslim anti american step father in a muslim school in a muslim country, with a socialist mother, doesnt make you a muslim
ecco says to  (01:46:23):
(Tp) passing out da quiz
Tahlliss says to  (01:46:47):
::goes to sharpen my number 2 pencil::
miyagi says to  (01:46:51):
poli= many tics= are blood suckers
Tahlliss says to  (01:48:37):
where's our quiz?
The O-zone™ says to  (01:48:44):
there are many muslim countries with 10X MORE muslims than in America, its not even close to accurate
The O-zone™ says to  (01:48:57):
its ludacris
ecco says to  (01:49:15):
just wanted to get your attention :D
Tahlliss says to  (01:49:36):
gggrr I was ready for a quiz
Tahlliss says to  (01:49:38):
ecco says to  (01:50:07):
ecco says to  (01:51:58):
i'm hitting da sack ..night folks and Happy July 4
miyagi says to  (01:52:01):
um? i think th US took the war to the muslims, they did not attack the united states
Tahlliss says to  (01:52:27):
are you talking about 9/11?
The O-zone™ says to  (01:52:37):
they will attack you for saying anything about reality with muslims, and 2 seconds later they will say that Jews are reponsible for 911, genocide, apartheid, war crimes, and all the wars and problems of the world.
Tahlliss says to  (01:55:30):
I can't keep my eyes open any longer.  I have to go to bed. Tell Benyanim good show for me plz.
Tahlliss says to  (01:55:44):
good night every1
Tahlliss says to  (01:56:17):
Tahlliss says to  (01:56:33):
great thanks bye
a12iggymom says to  (01:56:36):
night Tah
miyagi says to  (01:57:46):
have you every awakened to the fact that the easiest way to control a population is controlling their media? watch endgame one you tube
The O-zone™ says to  (01:59:02):
soon parts of PA will be holy muslim sites
The O-zone™ says to  (01:59:48):
SM7 says to  (02:01:26):
The O-zone™ says to  (02:01:26):
Liberals think that if muslims only react to our actions
Antoinette from De says to  (02:01:50):
great show Ben
The O-zone™ says to  (02:01:52):
we can stop them by being good to them and giving in
a12iggymom says to  (02:01:53):
Philly is, Kenny Gamble started a moslem only area...
The O-zone™ says to  (02:03:11):
unfortunately they are not reacting to us, they are on same pattern regardless of our action
BobUSMC says to  (02:03:17):
Liberals are retards
The O-zone™ says to  (02:03:34):
its a tough pill to swallow
Benyamin Solomon says (02:03:32):
Exactly BobUSMC.
BobUSMC says to  (02:03:40):
let them live in a muslim country, the hypocrties.
BobUSMC says to  (02:03:57):
phony azz Antoinette is a racist and a liar.
The O-zone™ says to  (02:04:12):
liberals only like hallucanagenic pills
a12iggymom says to  (02:04:29):
I know Melinda is really upseet...
BobUSMC says to  (02:04:35):
they live in fantasy bubble world
The O-zone™ says to  (02:05:24):
its like battered women syndrome, who think their own actions can change the others behavior, when it cant
BobUSMC says to  (02:05:28):
a12, she's a total phony.  said our troops are brainwashed and she's a racist
a12iggymom says to  (02:06:46):
I don't go to the same shows hse does but I know Melinda doesn't stand for any mocking of the military
a12iggymom says to  (02:06:53):
Guest223436 says to  (02:07:39):
The O-zone™ says to  (02:09:26):
ggt183 says to  (02:22:15):
Just For The Record....Antoinette is a very sweet lady..and she did not say anything bad about our military:)
MacMikeStiny says to  (02:22:26):
bob, love u 1,2, 3 4   we need more marine corp
a12iggymom says to  (02:23:16):
good to hear, ggt
a12iggymom says to  (02:23:48):
I've only seen her a few times and she seemed nice
ggt183 says to  (02:25:01):
she is....Melinda and Bob have been at odds with her for weeks now.Its sad when Conservatives cant have a simple disagreement without it getting personal
MacMikeStiny says to  (02:25:10):
alan, leave me alone regarding this show. please mr. L, ITS NOT SPORTS.
MacMikeStiny says to  (02:27:29):
a12iggymom says to  (02:30:51):
thanks Benyamin
Benyamin Solomon says (02:31:00):
You're welcome, a12iggymom.
a12iggymom says to  (02:31:08):
great show, night
a12iggymom says to  (02:31:17):
SM7 says to  (02:35:37):
nite benyamin (})

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