Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Ben Solomon Moment 11/13/2011

The part of the chatroom that I only have on the weblog is on weblog. The part that I only have on non-web log form is on non-web log form. However, no part of the chatroom is missing.

2011-11-1302:06:56 AMrwj Benyamin Solomonenter the room
2011-11-1302:08:26 AMBuck Wyldesenter the room
2011-11-1302:08:39 AMBuck Wyldes:D
2011-11-1302:09:10 AMGuest448enter the room
2011-11-1302:09:16 AMpumpkin13enter the room
2011-11-1302:10:34 AMpumpkin13Hi Ben!
2011-11-1302:10:38 AMBeachbum55enter the room
2011-11-1302:11:02 AMGuest576enter the room
2011-11-1302:11:09 AMBeachbum55made 2 comments because chat room was not open or at least not for me 7 minutes ago??
2011-11-1302:11:10 AMGuest563enter the room
2011-11-1302:11:15 AMpumpkin13Hey Beachbum!
2011-11-1302:11:18 AMGuest595enter the room
2011-11-1302:11:32 AMa12iggymomenter the room
2011-11-1302:11:36 AMBeachbum55Hi pumpkin13. hope school is going well for u. (})
2011-11-1302:11:40 AMa12iggymom(})
2011-11-1302:11:55 AMBeachbum55not too many of those R. noodles? :D
2011-11-1302:11:59 AMGuest563quit the room
2011-11-1302:12:19 AMpumpkin13Hi iggymom.
2011-11-1302:12:24 AMGuest675enter the room
2011-11-1302:12:46 AMGuest668enter the room
2011-11-1302:13:13 AMGuest726enter the room
2011-11-1302:13:43 AMGuest595quit the room
2011-11-1302:13:51 AMBuck WyldesOf course
2011-11-1302:13:56 AMGuest576quit the room
2011-11-1302:13:59 AMBuck Wyldes(H)
2011-11-1302:14:06 AMBeachbum55because maybe she was sexy??
2011-11-1302:14:09 AMpumpkin13Hi Buck.
2011-11-1302:14:14 AMBuck WyldesHi
2011-11-1302:14:15 AMGuest675quit the room
2011-11-1302:14:25 AMBeachbum55hi a 12IggyMom...(})
2011-11-1302:14:36 AMGuest448quit the room
2011-11-1302:14:49 AMGuest853enter the room
2011-11-1302:14:52 AMGuest853quit the room
2011-11-1302:14:53 AMpumpkin13Ben, calm down and do not worry about it.
2011-11-1302:15:11 AMBeachbum55Thats what I told him a million times, pumpkin...
2011-11-1302:15:32 AMBeachbum55He never listens to me, Mr Know It all!!
2011-11-1302:15:39 AMBeachbum55:D
2011-11-1302:15:41 AMpumpkin13:)
2011-11-1302:15:50 AMpumpkin13:P
2011-11-1302:15:57 AMGuest929enter the room
2011-11-1302:16:28 AMGuest924enter the room
2011-11-1302:16:57 AMGuest1012enter the room
2011-11-1302:17:01 AMBeachbum55Pat B. is not the same Pat B. I knew from the McLaughlin report I saw him on every Sunday back in the 80's..
2011-11-1302:17:12 AMGuest1022enter the room
2011-11-1302:17:28 AMpumpkin13Ben....move on.
2011-11-1302:17:41 AMpumpkin13Let's not worry about the lady.
2011-11-1302:17:52 AMrwj Benyamin SolomonI'm moving on.
2011-11-1302:17:54 AMGuest1022quit the room
2011-11-1302:17:55 AMBeachbum55Phone number?? Get their Sykpe number. Cheaper for sure.. :D
2011-11-1302:17:57 AMpumpkin13Cool!
2011-11-1302:18:06 AMGuest1125enter the room
2011-11-1302:18:06 AMGuest924quit the room
2011-11-1302:18:08 AMGuest668quit the room
2011-11-1302:18:15 AMGuest1170enter the room
2011-11-1302:18:24 AMBeachbum55and U can "See" the hottie! (lol)
2011-11-1302:18:57 AMpumpkin13Ben, some of them do attempt to frustrate you.
2011-11-1302:19:04 AMGuest1205enter the room
2011-11-1302:19:08 AMGuest929quit the room
2011-11-1302:19:25 AMGuest1170quit the room
2011-11-1302:19:38 AMGuest1301enter the room
2011-11-1302:19:39 AMrwj Benyamin SolomonTrue, they do.
2011-11-1302:19:53 AMGuest1349enter the room
2011-11-1302:20:07 AMrwj Benyamin SolomonI understand that they're not worthy of this whole show. I'm moving on with real politics.
2011-11-1302:20:09 AMGuest1395enter the room
2011-11-1302:20:17 AMpumpkin13Good!
2011-11-1302:20:32 AMGuest1301quit the room
2011-11-1302:20:35 AMpumpkin13You vented, so take a deep breath and move on.
2011-11-1302:20:38 AMGuest1493enter the room
2011-11-1302:20:52 AMGuest1513enter the room
2011-11-1302:21:08 AMGuest726quit the room
2011-11-1302:21:19 AMGuest1538enter the room
2011-11-1302:21:27 AMrwj Benyamin SolomonI'm sort of doing that. I got an audio file playing now.
2011-11-1302:21:27 AMpumpkin13IT says you are going to be on for another 3 that true?
2011-11-1302:21:36 AMGuest1395quit the room
2011-11-1302:21:41 AMGuest1513quit the room
2011-11-1302:22:13 AMBeachbum5524 min...
2011-11-1302:22:30 AMBeachbum55is what im getting...
2011-11-1302:22:46 AMGuest1775enter the room
2011-11-1302:22:48 AMGuest1783enter the room
2011-11-1302:22:48 AMGuest1795enter the room
2011-11-1302:22:56 AMGuest1775quit the room
2011-11-1302:23:03 AMGuest1823enter the room
2011-11-1302:23:24 AMpumpkin133 hrs 22 min
2011-11-1302:23:30 AMpumpkin13I wonder why I am seeing that?
2011-11-1302:23:33 AMpumpkin13Weird!
2011-11-1302:23:56 AMGuest1931enter the room
2011-11-1302:24:02 AMGuest1943enter the room
2011-11-1302:24:08 AMGuest1012quit the room
2011-11-1302:24:08 AMGuest1125quit the room
2011-11-1302:24:09 AMGuest1974enter the room
2011-11-1302:24:10 AMGuest1795quit the room
2011-11-1302:24:11 AMBeachbum55Ben could easily do another 3 hours on his head!! :D
2011-11-1302:24:13 AMGuest1931quit the room
2011-11-1302:24:17 AMGuest1974quit the room
2011-11-1302:24:18 AMGuest1983enter the room
2011-11-1302:24:53 AMGuest2083enter the room
2011-11-1302:25:03 AMGuest2068enter the room
2011-11-1302:25:04 AMGuest1937enter the room
2011-11-1302:25:09 AMGuest1937quit the room
2011-11-1302:25:13 AMGuest2063enter the room
2011-11-1302:25:13 AMGuest1983quit the room
2011-11-1302:25:35 AMGuest1783quit the room
2011-11-1302:25:43 AMrwj Benyamin Solomon:D beachbum55
2011-11-1302:25:54 AMGuest2192enter the room
2011-11-1302:25:57 AMBeachbum55pumpkin have u ever listened to the 3am est show Late night Jazz for the Insomiacs with Larry Ellis? I didnt think I liked Jazz but it is a great show late at night.
2011-11-1302:26:05 AMGuest2230enter the room
2011-11-1302:26:08 AMGuest1205quit the room
2011-11-1302:26:11 AMGuest2068quit the room
2011-11-1302:26:17 AMpumpkin13I have not listened to the show but I do like jazz.
2011-11-1302:26:24 AMGuest2063quit the room
2011-11-1302:26:36 AMGuest1943quit the room
2011-11-1302:26:39 AMGuest2327enter the room
2011-11-1302:26:40 AMBeachbum55It is a very different show with a classy host.
2011-11-1302:26:54 AMBuck WyldesWho is the only absolute monarch in all of Europe?
2011-11-1302:26:57 AMGuest2192quit the room
2011-11-1302:27:00 AMGuest2356enter the room
2011-11-1302:27:00 AMpumpkin13I'll have to check it out some time.
2011-11-1302:27:01 AMBeachbum55He picks the best music.
2011-11-1302:27:08 AMGuest1538quit the room
2011-11-1302:27:22 AMpumpkin13Who Buck.
2011-11-1302:27:34 AMGuest2230quit the room
2011-11-1302:27:42 AMBuck WyldesThe Pope is
2011-11-1302:28:04 AMGuest2356quit the room
2011-11-1302:28:06 AMGuest2486enter the room
2011-11-1302:28:06 AMGuest2327quit the room
2011-11-1302:28:08 AMGuest2483enter the room
2011-11-1302:28:27 AMGuest2522enter the room
2011-11-1302:28:27 AMGuest24872778enter the room
2011-11-1302:28:29 AMBuck Wyldes1 Pope, 60 Cardinals, 360 clergymen.
2011-11-1302:28:38 AMrwj Benyamin Solomon
2011-11-1302:28:41 AMBeachbum55just dont play any 'Michael Moore' or Im Outta here, stat!!
2011-11-1302:28:42 AMpumpkin13You have a point Buck.
2011-11-1302:29:00 AMGuest2464875enter the room
2011-11-1302:29:08 AMGuest1349quit the room
2011-11-1302:29:09 AMBeachbum55Yes buck does for sure..
2011-11-1302:29:13 AMGuest24872778quit the room
2011-11-1302:29:14 AMGuest2483quit the room
2011-11-1302:29:19 AMGuest2604enter the room
2011-11-1302:29:28 AMGuest2522quit the room
2011-11-1302:30:08 AMGuest1493quit the room
2011-11-1302:30:09 AMGuest2685enter the room
2011-11-1302:30:16 AMpumpkin13Is the Catholic church the only one with a "top guy" like the Pope?
2011-11-1302:30:28 AMpumpkin13I never thought about it that way before.
2011-11-1302:31:13 AMpumpkin13The Catholic clergy would all have someone else to report to except for the Pope.
2011-11-1302:31:19 AMGuest2726enter the room
2011-11-1302:31:27 AMpumpkin13Do other religions do that?
2011-11-1302:31:30 AMGuest2685quit the room
2011-11-1302:31:54 AMpumpkin13Ben, is there a "top guy" in the Jewish a Pope to the Catholics?
2011-11-1302:32:08 AMGuest1823quit the room
2011-11-1302:32:21 AMGuest2789enter the room
2011-11-1302:32:24 AMBuck WyldesThe other religions are doomed to death 1rst commandment
2011-11-1302:32:36 AMGuest2823enter the room
2011-11-1302:32:50 AMBeachbum55Far as I know. . . The Pope had absolute power over all the Kings & Queens for a long time able to have your head chopped off or endure some pretty painful torture! 8-)
2011-11-1302:32:51 AMpumpkin13Thanks Ben.
2011-11-1302:33:10 AMBeachbum55There is Only One 'Top Guy' and it is not the Pope.
2011-11-1302:33:17 AMpumpkin13It is interesting...I never thought about it before.
2011-11-1302:33:21 AMGuest2823quit the room
2011-11-1302:33:32 AMGuest2880enter the room
2011-11-1302:33:53 AMpumpkin13I am sorry Beachbum, I was not trying to upset anyone. I understand that to a Christian God would be the Top Guy. :)
2011-11-1302:34:43 AMpumpkin13I guess God would be Top Guy to a Jew.
2011-11-1302:34:48 AMGuest2604quit the room
2011-11-1302:34:50 AMGuest2943enter the room
2011-11-1302:35:07 AMGuest2464875quit the room
2011-11-1302:35:08 AMGuest2083quit the room
2011-11-1302:35:23 AMpumpkin13I think what I meant was top guy other then God.
2011-11-1302:35:37 AMGuest2976enter the room
2011-11-1302:35:50 AMpumpkin13Maybe I should move on to another subject. :)
2011-11-1302:36:19 AMGuest3018enter the room
2011-11-1302:36:40 AMGuest2943quit the room
2011-11-1302:36:41 AMGuest3028enter the room
2011-11-1302:36:44 AMGuest3028quit the room
2011-11-1302:36:48 AMGuest2976quit the room
2011-11-1302:37:08 AMGuest2486quit the room
2011-11-1302:37:11 AMGuest3074enter the room
2011-11-1302:37:16 AMGuest3077enter the room
2011-11-1302:37:23 AMGuest3089enter the room
2011-11-1302:37:54 AMGuest3127enter the room
2011-11-1302:37:56 AMGuest3143enter the room
2011-11-1302:38:08 AMGuest2789quit the room
2011-11-1302:38:09 AMGuest3089quit the room
2011-11-1302:38:33 AMGuest3077quit the room
2011-11-1302:38:38 AMGuest3018quit the room
2011-11-1302:39:08 AMGuest2880quit the room
2011-11-1302:39:56 AMGuest3304enter the room
2011-11-1302:40:00 AMGuest2726quit the room
2011-11-1302:40:22 AMrwj Benyamin Solomonquit the room
2011-11-1302:40:26 AMGuest3330enter the room
2011-11-1302:40:36 AMGuest3332enter the room
2011-11-1302:40:44 AMBuck WyldesI'm atheist, I have no faith distracting me
2011-11-1302:40:48 AMrwj Benyamin Solomonenter the room

*** (02:40:47):Welcome to the rwj Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
pumpkin13 says to  (02:41:13):
Is that a joke or for real Buck?
Buck Wyldes says to  (02:41:26):
No joke
pumpkin13 says to  (02:41:37):
Good for you. :)
pumpkin13 says to  (02:43:47):
Do not trust Turkey...they play all sides.
a12iggymom says to  (02:44:35):
thanks Benyamin, great show
pumpkin13 says to  (02:45:08):
Have a good night and Sunday!
Beachbum55 says to  (02:45:10):
Beachbum55 says to  (02:46:23):
there he goes!!!
Beachbum55 says to  (02:46:27):
Beachbum55 says to  (02:46:42):
enjoy that penthouse, Ben!!  :D
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (02:47:20):
(lol) beachbum55
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (02:47:44):
(}) everybody.

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