Monday, November 14, 2011

The Ben Solomon Whatever Hours 11/14/2011

*** (21:09:18):Welcome to the rwj Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
ggt183 says to  (21:55:11):
Hi Benyamin
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (21:55:21):
Hi Germaine.
Measure of Faith says to  (21:55:34):
wow great turn out again tonight 2 listeners
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (21:56:53):
Robert is using hit and run cowardace.
ggt183 says to  (21:57:48):

Measure of Faith says to  (22:04:09):
wow the same boring Michael Savage clip
ggt183 says to  (22:04:24):
benyamin..are you gonna apologize to Robert
ggt183 says to  (22:04:25):
ggt183 says to  (22:05:10):
you betrayed him...thats what i heard
Measure of Faith says to  (22:05:33):
Ben Sillyman is a John kerry supporter
Measure of Faith says to  (22:06:27):
Ben thinks he is a "REAL" Jew
ggt183 says to  (22:11:05):
ggt183 says to  (22:13:38):
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (22:21:25):
mikeamelio says to  (22:32:15):
this guys still on BTR?
mikeamelio says to  (22:33:20):
yooo ggt
mikeamelio says to  (22:34:14):
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (23:00:23):
ggt183, are you having a show tonight?
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (23:00:52):
(}) everyone.

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