Thursday, June 2, 2011

Benyamin Solomon's Big Juicy Steak House 6/2/2011

Below is the web log of the chatroom, since after reloading, I don't have the non-web log version:
2011-06-02 06:46:24 PM Benyamin Solomon
enter the room
2011-06-02 06:47:40 PM a12iggymom
enter the room
2011-06-02 06:48:16 PM a12iggymom
Hello Benyamin
2011-06-02 06:51:48 PM a12iggymom
she sounds infantile, why would she private you if she didn't expect rebuttal
2011-06-02 07:00:11 PM a12iggymom
100 years vs 4000 years...
2011-06-02 07:01:46 PM ThunderCracker
enter the room
2011-06-02 07:03:21 PM a12iggymom
Hi Thunder
2011-06-02 07:04:05 PM ThunderCracker
Hi Iggy!(})
2011-06-02 07:06:54 PM Benyamin Solomon
quit the room
2011-06-02 07:08:36 PM Antoinette from De
enter the room
2011-06-02 07:09:17 PM Antoinette from De
hello Ben, iggy and Thundercracker
2011-06-02 07:09:45 PM a12iggymom
Hi Antoinette
2011-06-02 07:10:13 PM Antoinette from De
how are you iggymom
2011-06-02 07:10:25 PM a12iggymom
good Antoinette, you?
2011-06-02 07:10:33 PM ThunderCracker
Hello Antoinette!(})
2011-06-02 07:10:40 PM Antoinette from De
I amwell ty for asking
2011-06-02 07:10:51 PM Antoinette from De
and how are you /Thundercracker
2011-06-02 07:12:05 PM ThunderCracker
I`m doing Good! Thanks for asking!
2011-06-02 07:12:19 PM Antoinette from De
that is wonderful so glad to hear that
2011-06-02 07:12:31 PM Antoinette from De
why isn't Ben in the chatroom
2011-06-02 07:12:45 PM a12iggymom
he has phone trouble alot
2011-06-02 07:12:55 PM Antoinette from De
I understand
2011-06-02 07:13:00 PM Antoinette from De
that happens
2011-06-02 07:20:14 PM Benyamin Solomon
enter the room
2011-06-02 07:20:14 PM Benyamin Solomon
quit the room
2011-06-02 07:20:14 PM Benyamin Solomon
enter the room
2011-06-02 07:23:48 PM Antoinette from De
Ben is that not a part of bible prohecy that the in Jersuslam will have the unholy place where people will worship the false god,,
2011-06-02 07:24:07 PM Antoinette from De
But God gave a promise that he will protect Isreal
2011-06-02 07:26:30 PM Antoinette from De
Ben are you not holding on to the promise that God has given you
2011-06-02 07:26:59 PM Antoinette from De
God is going to do a lot of miracles there
2011-06-02 07:27:58 PM Antoinette from De
the 2 witness will be there, and we are end the last days, God says people will flee to Isreal, God will protect Isreal
2011-06-02 07:29:04 PM Antoinette from De
keep your eyes on God and not on what man thinks that t hey can do, God has the authority over it and has made provisions for Isreal
2011-06-02 07:30:50 PM Guest6784
enter the room
2011-06-02 07:30:56 PM Guest6784
quit the room
2011-06-02 07:31:27 PM a12iggymom
agreed Antoinette but like 1940's Germany, you can;t stand aside and let that happen again...
2011-06-02 07:31:44 PM a12iggymom
and that is what is happening
2011-06-02 07:31:57 PM Antoinette from De
look at the ho ur that we are in
2011-06-02 07:32:16 PM Antoinette from De
you have to look at God, these things re going to take place but what does God say
2011-06-02 07:32:33 PM Antoinette from De
that is where you have to keep your eyes on is his word not man's
2011-06-02 07:33:23 PM a12iggymom
and God never said to ignore our fellow man while watching for Him.
2011-06-02 07:33:38 PM a12iggymom
2011-06-02 07:33:54 PM Antoinette from De
that is true also, but we are to watc and pray
2011-06-02 07:34:04 PM Antoinette from De
God will intervene
2011-06-02 07:34:27 PM Antoinette from De
where is your faith
2011-06-02 07:34:46 PM Antoinette from De
read the book of ezikel and daniel
2011-06-02 07:35:39 PM Antoinette from De
our fight is not of the flesh it is spirtual you have to look at the spirit behind it all
2011-06-02 07:38:56 PM GOOFY BONE
enter the room
2011-06-02 07:41:28 PM a12iggymom
Behold, I have made your face strong against their faces, and your forehead strong against their foreheads. 9 Like adamant stone, harder than flint, I have made your forehead; do not be afraid of them, nor be dismayed at their looks, though they are a
2011-06-02 07:41:32 PM a12iggymom
rebellious house.”
2011-06-02 07:41:42 PM ThunderCracker
quit the room
2011-06-02 07:42:13 PM a12iggymom
Benyamin is having a 'strong face and strong forehead' all...
2011-06-02 07:42:36 PM a12iggymom
ezeikial was sent to 'speak' ...
2011-06-02 07:44:26 PM Guest7069
enter the room
2011-06-02 07:45:51 PM Guest7069
quit the room
2011-06-02 07:46:26 PM Guest7128
enter the room
2011-06-02 07:47:34 PM GOOFY BONE
quit the room
2011-06-02 07:49:29 PM Conservative T and T
enter the room
2011-06-02 07:49:32 PM Conservative T and T
quit the room
2011-06-02 08:00:54 PM a12iggymom
thanks Benyamin
2011-06-02 08:00:58 PM a12iggymom
quit the room
2011-06-02 08:01:10 PM Guest7128
quit the room
2011-06-02 08:16:25 PM Benyamin Solomon
quit the room
2011-06-02 08:16:32 PM Benyamin Solomon
enter the room

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