Saturday, June 25, 2011

Benyamin Solomon's Truth Zone 6/24/2011

*** (01:17:19):Welcome to the Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
DesertRose says to  (01:18:48):
8-| your up late
Benyamin Solomon says (01:19:15):
A little late where I am.
DesertRose says to  (01:20:09):
hi antoinette!
Antoinette from De says to  (01:22:38):
hello ben and rose
DesertRose says to  (01:26:10):
oh i never heard this song before
DesertRose says to  (01:26:14):
beerhunter says to  (01:31:22):
lets get together a flotilla
bluesky69 says to  (01:31:41):
hi benyamin(L):-*
bluesky69 says to  (01:31:54):
hi rose(L):-*
bluesky69 says to  (01:32:03):
hi shawn(L):-*
Benyamin Solomon says (01:32:11):
We shall expose Islamo-Fascism.
bluesky69 says to  (01:32:14):
hi antoinette(L):-*
bluesky69 says to  (01:32:27):
hi beer(L):-*
bluesky69 says to  (01:32:41):
hi thunder(L):-*
beerhunter says to  (01:32:49):
hello sky
beerhunter says to  (01:33:14):
the jew bay nice
beerhunter says to  (01:33:17):
beerhunter says to  (01:34:44):
this dip***s have lost there minds
ThunderCracker says to  (01:34:53):
Too many Kisses Blue!:-*:D
bluesky69 says to  (01:35:01):
bluesky69 says to  (01:35:15):
ThunderCracker says to  (01:35:20):
Warlord X!({)
bluesky69 says to  (01:35:24):
there how's that for too much kisses
bluesky69 says to  (01:35:28):
ThunderCracker says to  (01:35:37):
beerhunter says to  (01:36:01):
jews for jihad thats like libs for spending cuts
bluesky69 says to  (01:38:22):
Benyamin Solomon says (01:38:23):
beerhunter says to  (01:39:58):
serbian jews must of got it the first time around or the second time
beerhunter says to  (01:40:13):
noy got it
beerhunter says to  (01:40:18):
ThunderCracker says to  (01:41:05):
I think Bill Clinton intervened in Bosnia just so he could Divert attention away from The Lewinsky Scandal!
beerhunter says to  (01:41:22):
under barry the great one serbean jews would be an endagered spieces
ThunderCracker says to  (01:43:23):
The Democrats got us into Vietnam or are they too Clueless to remember?({)
beerhunter says to  (01:44:16):
right on cracker and yes they are dumb
beerhunter says to  (01:45:30):
lambs to the slaughter
ThunderCracker says to  (01:45:37):
Somebody posted a Link on Fb stating That The Liberals are The Dumbest creatures on The Planet!
ThunderCracker says to  (01:46:17):
Maybe Clinton hated Jews?
beerhunter says to  (01:46:28):
i'm incline to agree any goverment ponzi sham they buy into
MELINDA says to  (01:47:28):
Well,  I know Michelle Hussein Obama hates Jews.
beerhunter says to  (01:47:34):
global microwave, sea level rise, buying out of debit ect ect......
ThunderCracker says to  (01:47:46):
Mo can go stuff it!
MELINDA says to  (01:47:53):
She will, TC.
MELINDA says to  (01:48:01):
that's all she knows how to do
MELINDA says to  (01:48:07):
stuff that face of hers.
ThunderCracker says to  (01:48:45):
I swEar MO is a modern day Jezebel!
MELINDA says to  (01:48:49):
ThunderCracker says to  (01:49:18):
What I like to eat is none of Her Business!
MELINDA says to  (01:49:26):
that's right
beerhunter says to  (01:49:29):
cracker jezebel s need to be hawt moo does not fit that mold
MELINDA says to  (01:50:01):
beerhunter, does she fit into any mold?  that huge ass and those big thunder thighs can't fit into anything.
Antoinette from De says to  (01:50:02):
ben did you see where delta will not fly jews and isreals
ThunderCracker says to  (01:50:22):
Yeah! I saw that Antoinette!:|
beerhunter says to  (01:50:37):
down with mcdonalds free the fat people from calories
Antoinette from De says to  (01:50:44):
that was terrible  Thunder
ThunderCracker says to  (01:51:04):
I like Mcdonalds Fish fillet and Mcgriddles!
Antoinette from De says to  (01:51:11):
I as so mad, I said thatalso applies to christians because we are not muslims
beerhunter says to  (01:51:28):
mcchicken adict here
ThunderCracker says to  (01:51:39):
If Delta wants to drive away Business, Well that`s one way to do it!
MELINDA says to  (01:51:44):
MELINDA says to  (01:51:48):
sure is
Antoinette from De says to  (01:51:57):
that is  w hat I said
Antoinette from De says to  (01:52:05):
I said that they should be sues
Antoinette from De says to  (01:52:07):
beerhunter says to  (01:53:00):
delta is a big pile of stooopid and yes they should be sued mulims would already have a lawyer on it
ThunderCracker says to  (01:53:02):
Bad enough That Delta was charging our Troops for Their luggage but Now this latest slap in The Face!
Antoinette from De says to  (01:53:12):
Ben the jewish community is just ging to sit back and allow that to happen
Antoinette from De says to  (01:53:42):
no sound
Antoinette from De says to  (01:53:47):
have it now
ThunderCracker says to  (01:53:53):
and I`m disgusted with what DC comics is doing with a few of their Comic Book characters!
MELINDA says to  (01:53:55):
delta just sucks
Antoinette from De says to  (01:54:20):
thunder I have not see what they are doing with that
MELINDA says to  (01:54:22):
Delta is a ghetto ass airline.
ThunderCracker says to  (01:54:26):
Suppoedly Superman was going to meet a Muslim Hero!
Antoinette from De says to  (01:54:30):
my sons are grown now
Benyamin Solomon says (01:54:32):
beerhunter says to  (01:54:38):
is delta trying to go bankrupt again
Antoinette from De says to  (01:54:39):
your kidding
ThunderCracker says to  (01:54:45):
Antoinette from De says to  (01:54:52):
that is what it seems beer
Antoinette from De says to  (01:55:09):
my son
ThunderCracker says to  (01:55:22):
That and Superman is renouncing His US citizenship!({)
beerhunter says to  (01:55:29):
thunder frech batman is muslim welcome to dc comics
MELINDA says to  (01:55:32):
Antoinette from De says to  (01:55:35):
son is into batman and s uperman b ut he is only 2
beerhunter says to  (01:55:38):
Antoinette from De says to  (01:55:48):
I have to fight with them now abo ut that
MELINDA says to  (01:55:58):
Antoinette from De says to  (01:56:01):
I'm not happy with that at all
MELINDA says to  (01:56:07):
The French Batman is a goddamned Muslim?
beerhunter says to  (01:56:13):
MELINDA says to  (01:56:22):
That's just sick.
ThunderCracker says to  (01:56:36):
I liked some of The older Superman and Batman Comics! didn`t have any Politics in Them!
beerhunter says to  (01:57:21):
love late eighties early 90 dc thats about it
Antoinette from De says to  (01:57:22):
my oldest son was the one tht was heavy into the comics still has some from when he ws a kid, boxes of the stuff
Antoinette from De says to  (01:57:39):
and will not give them away and he is 31
ThunderCracker says to  (01:57:53):
I still Have a bunch Myself! and I`m 40!
beerhunter says to  (01:58:01):
i'm 35 same way ant
ThunderCracker says to  (01:58:06):
and I won`t give mine away either!
Antoinette from De says to  (01:58:10):
do you have enough boxes to fill a room
MELINDA says to  (01:58:16):
Wow.  Didn't realize the comics are getting to be so liberal these days.
beerhunter says to  (01:58:18):
MELINDA says to  (01:58:26):
Glad I don't sell them anymore in my store.
Antoinette from De says to  (01:58:52):
I tried when he was younger and lived at home with me, but he is grown and still has them and will go to the comic conventions to this day
ThunderCracker says to  (01:58:54):
The comics from The nineties where The best!
beerhunter says to  (01:59:11):
melinda they are so over priced anymore shocked if you sold any
Antoinette from De says to  (01:59:17):
and will tell me that Mom I don't spend my money on drugs
Antoinette from De says to  (01:59:35):
so I try not to fuss about it anymore
ThunderCracker says to  (01:59:39):
Heck I even watch The 50s Superman! I could careless if it`s old! I enjoy it!
beerhunter says to  (01:59:50):
plus they are 24 pages of nothing
Antoinette from De says to  (02:00:09):
I was never into that
ThunderCracker says to  (02:00:27):
Night All! have a great one!(})
Antoinette from De says to  (02:00:31):
my brothers and my sons but not me
beerhunter says to  (02:00:37):
night tc
Antoinette from De says to  (02:00:41):
good night thunder have a good one
Antoinette from De says to  (02:00:52):
goodnight everyone have a good one

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