Monday, June 13, 2011

Benyamin Solomon's Truth Zone 6/13/2011

*** (21:35:05):Welcome to the Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
Benyamin Solomon says (21:35:59):
bluesky69 says to  (21:55:57):
hey shawn(L):-*
bluesky69 says to  (21:56:07):
Conservative T and T says to  (21:56:09):
I cant get away from you, can I blyesky?
Conservative T and T says to  (21:56:15):
bluesky69 says to  (21:56:24):
odd squad(L):-*
Benyamin Solomon says (21:56:26):
Hey bluesky69(L):-*
bluesky69 says to  (21:56:39):
Conservative T and T says to  (21:56:43):
bluesky69 says to  (21:56:48):
bluesky69 says to  (21:56:59):
u love me and u knwo it
bluesky69 says to  (21:57:02):
know it
Benyamin Solomon says (21:57:04):
I disagree with Pat Condel's radical Atheist views.  But here, he gets right to the point.
Conservative T and T says to  (21:58:43):
Love is such a strong word...tolerate would probably be better
Conservative T and T says to  (21:58:49):
bluesky69 says to  (21:59:01):
bluesky69 says to  (21:59:03):
bluesky69 says to  (21:59:26):
u gotta love in this world
rich whitey says to  (22:00:59):
but the jews killed jesus?
rich whitey says to  (22:01:34):
was jesus an arab?
bluesky69 says to  (22:01:40):
rich whitey says to  (22:02:24):
i doubt this is obama
MELINDA says to  (22:03:03):
MELINDA says to  (22:03:11):
oh no.  not a rich whitey.
bluesky69 says to  (22:03:15):
hi melinda(L):-*
MELINDA says to  (22:03:19):
these trolls are so boring
rich whitey says to  (22:03:19):
oh yes
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:03:22):
hey all!
bluesky69 says to  (22:03:32):
hi paul(L):-*
MELINDA says to  (22:03:36):
god damn you, rich whitey
TeaPartyPaul says to Benyamin Solomon (private) (22:03:38):
u need me ben?
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:03:46):
rich whitey says to  (22:03:51):
easy melinda
MELINDA says to  (22:03:54):
Beachbum55 says to  (22:03:58):
is ur sound Low?
rich whitey says to  (22:04:03):
MELINDA says to  (22:04:10):
that's obama alright
MELINDA says to  (22:04:11):
i heard that
rich whitey says to  (22:04:12):
i hear him ok
Benyamin Solomon says to TeaPartyPaul (private) (22:04:15):
You can call if you want.
Beachbum55 says to  (22:04:16):
Ben, Turn It UP!~!!!
rich whitey says to  (22:04:22):
its not obama
MELINDA says to  (22:04:27):
wow, rich whitey.  you're full of hate and pretty stupid.
MELINDA says to  (22:04:38):
you're pretty dumb and idiot for a rich whitey, rich whitey
Beachbum55 says to  (22:04:42):
yep Ben is Ok, audio that is...
rich whitey says to  (22:04:43):
are u married melinda?
MELINDA says to  (22:04:45):
TeaPartyPaul says to Benyamin Solomon (private) (22:04:48):
here we go ben 501 bud
rich whitey says to  (22:04:59):
every been?
MELINDA says to  (22:05:04):
no, and that's sexist
MELINDA says to  (22:05:15):
it's none of your goddamned business
rich whitey says to  (22:05:16):
do u have a boy friend
MELINDA says to  (22:05:24):
do you want a bullet in your head?
rich whitey says to  (22:05:36):
answer me i want to make a point
Benyamin Solomon says to TeaPartyPaul (private) (22:05:35):
Beachbum55 says to  (22:05:43):
Melinda dont start this stuff.
MELINDA says to  (22:05:50):
i'll make a point after i tell you to leave me alone.
Beachbum55 says to  (22:05:57):
then u will be upset when kicked out
MELINDA says to  (22:06:08):
he's asking sexist questions
Beachbum55 says to  (22:06:13):
rich whitey says to  (22:06:15):
i calling btr on you
MELINDA says to  (22:06:21):
go away
MELINDA says to  (22:06:23):
rich whitey says to  (22:06:28):
a bullet?
MELINDA says to  (22:06:30):
Beachbum55 says to  (22:06:35):
she was kidding
MELINDA says to  (22:06:35):
stop stalking me
MELINDA says to  (22:06:39):
you are on ignore
rich whitey says to  (22:06:39):
thats a threat
MELINDA says to  (22:06:43):
you are a rapist
MELINDA says to  (22:06:45):
leave me alone
rich whitey says to  (22:06:55):
your as nut melinda
MELINDA says to  (22:06:58):
you are trying to see if i live alone so you can rob me
rich whitey says to  (22:07:24):
no i want to know why your husband killed himself
Beachbum55 says to  (22:07:25):
u know I dont even know if this is Melinda.  I hope not.
MELINDA says to  (22:07:47):
it is
rich whitey says to  (22:07:56):
i dont think it is
Beachbum55 says to  (22:08:01):
MELINDA says to  (22:08:11):
Beachbum55 says to  (22:08:13):
He does this shi$
MELINDA says to  (22:08:19):
i'm not OAJ
MELINDA says to  (22:08:24):
I'm Melinda-N.
rich whitey says to  (22:08:25):
the oij is dead
Beachbum55 says to  (22:08:26):
MELINDA says to  (22:08:29):
Beachbum55 says to  (22:08:53):
OAJ is alive and well trolling Over at debi daly
MELINDA says to  (22:09:03):
well, you've been siding with my enemies, beachbum, so i'm not surprised.  you and everyone else has been banning me and telling me to shut up.
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:09:05):
:media malpractice" guys and girls on netflix
rich whitey says to  (22:09:10):
hes dead from the neck up
MELINDA says to  (22:09:19):
I love that Benyamin will say what Reverend Wright says.
Beachbum55 says to  (22:09:27):
now I know ur not Melinda cuz thats a Lie
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:09:27):
whats going on melinda?Whatd u say?
rich whitey says to  (22:09:32):
shut up melinda
rich whitey says to  (22:09:45):
melinda is on drugs
MELINDA says to  (22:09:55):
Too many people will not admit that Michelle Hussein and Barack Hussein Obama say GOD DAMN AMERICA with that Reverend Wright.
Beachbum55 says to  (22:09:55):
I never Told U to Shut Up.  Never.
rich whitey says to  (22:09:57):
she on the rag
MELINDA says to  (22:10:19):
Beachbum55 says to  (22:10:24):
maybe.  hormones.
rich whitey says to  (22:10:27):
melinda is bleeding from the mouth
MELINDA says to  (22:10:45):
Jeremiah Wright was a Muslim before he created the GOD DAMN AMERICA church.
Beachbum55 says to  (22:11:00):
MELINDA says to  (22:11:06):
It's true, beachbum.
rich whitey says to  (22:11:14):
Jeremiah Wright was a Muslim before he
created the GOD DAMN AMERICA church.
Beachbum55 says to  (22:11:16):
I believe U.
MELINDA says to  (22:11:16):
Do research on the Reverend Wright.  He was  a Muslim.
Beachbum55 says to  (22:11:28):
so is Obama
rich whitey says to  (22:11:30):
 It's true, beachbum.
rich whitey says to  (22:12:02):
Do research on the Reverend Wright. 
He was  a Muslim.
Beachbum55 says to  (22:12:08):
UR Right
rich whitey says to  (22:12:35):
i think melind is debi
Beachbum55 says to  (22:12:48):
Im Not focused on Obama being a Muslim or his Bith Certificate!!!
MELINDA says to  (22:12:53):
i'm not either
MELINDA says to  (22:13:00):
i'm focused on how he's just a joke from hell
rich whitey says to  (22:13:01):
yes u are
rich whitey says to  (22:13:06):
 i knew it
Beachbum55 says to  (22:13:06):
  It does Not HELP Get Rid of Him!!!    He has a Billion already!!!
MELINDA says to  (22:13:20):
he hates the military
rich whitey says to  (22:13:25):
Do research on the Reverend Wright. 
He was  a Muslim.
MELINDA says to  (22:13:33):
i'm so sick of him sending that fat wife of his to military bases.
Beachbum55 says to  (22:13:36):
Ok Fine.   Now What??
MELINDA says to  (22:13:37):
she's not even proud of america
rich whitey says to  (22:13:40):
i love melinda
MELINDA says to  (22:13:59):
i love the ignore function.  thanks for recommending it, beachbum
rich whitey says to  (22:14:02):
marry me baby cakes
MELINDA says to  (22:14:25):
i just think that most people don't even know what obama is shows that obama can't even rule a country.
MELINDA says to  (22:14:49):
who is this talking?
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:14:55):
MELINDA says to  (22:14:55):
i am united with republicans
bluesky69 says to  (22:15:01):
i think paul is
rich whitey says to  (22:15:03):
its some dumb kneegrow
MELINDA says to  (22:15:05):
who said i am not united with republicans
rich whitey says to  (22:15:24):
god bless obama
MELINDA says to  (22:15:27):
i am united with republicans, and i'm here to make sure people know obama is dangerous and reall stupid
MELINDA says to  (22:15:52):
i just talk about the facts.
MELINDA says to  (22:16:01):
unemployment is higher.  PERIOD.
rich whitey says to  (22:16:08):
there still cutting my grass
MELINDA says to  (22:16:11):
everyone is unemployed
Beachbum55 says to  (22:16:20):
Oh Hell speaker, with Canidates Like Newt and the Mormon Obama is Laughing!!   He Has it Sewn Up!   Then U Have Palin who is Playing Games "Oh My, Should I Run?" Americans are Fools and will either NOT Vote or Put Obama is Again!
rich whitey says to  (22:16:25):
melind is out of work
MELINDA says to  (22:16:26):
so everyone needs to think about how voting obama is a mistake.
rich whitey says to  (22:16:47):
melinda is living on the dole
MELINDA says to  (22:17:13):
i'm making less money at my store now than i did when w was president.
MELINDA says to  (22:17:23):
this economy is really bad.
Beachbum55 says to  (22:17:28):
she works 7 Days a week, dude or OAJ.
MELINDA says to  (22:17:37):
what, beach bum?
MELINDA says to  (22:17:40):
oh, he's gone
MELINDA says to  (22:17:43):
don't even tell me
MELINDA says to  (22:17:48):
i don't care what the freak says
MELINDA says to  (22:18:15):
i put that guy on ignore when he said my husband killed himself.  i never even had a husband.  who says that?
Beachbum55 says to  (22:18:37):
the Answer is so simple I said Last Night with this List of Weak Republican Canidates & Ron Paul, Get GW Bush or His Brother to RUN "Again!!"
MELINDA says to  (22:18:54):
I saw some of the debate
MELINDA says to  (22:18:57):
the field looked okay
MELINDA says to  (22:19:02):
especially compared to loser obama
Beachbum55 says to  (22:19:02):
He was probably the OAJ, Melinda..
MELINDA says to  (22:19:12):
OAJ belongs in jail
Beachbum55 says to  (22:20:23):
damn its so Bad I Cant even remember the Republican's Name who is the Front Runner!!  Now Thats Pathetic cuz Im Not senile,,,, Yet.
MELINDA says to  (22:20:51):
his name is MITT ROMNEY!!!!
bluesky69 says to  (22:21:04):
(lol) bb
MELINDA says to  (22:21:50):
he looked presidential today
MELINDA says to  (22:21:58):
mitt romney
Beachbum55 says to  (22:22:07):
thank U
bluesky69 says to  (22:22:35):
ok good show benyamin i gotta head over to ggt show
Beachbum55 says to  (22:22:40):
Yeah Ohhhhhh What a Scary Canditate He is for the Democrats to Face....
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:22:51):
hello benyamin and chatroom ...
Beachbum55 says to  (22:23:02):
Thats Ok
MELINDA says to  (22:23:06):
I tell you, if I marry a man, I 'll stone him if i catch him looking at other woman
Beachbum55 says to  (22:23:25):
There is NO One though regardless of Your Stats.
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:23:29):
i walked away from laptop was listening
Beachbum55 says to  (22:23:39):
Mitt has the Backing and Money.  U will see.
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:24:11):
melinda don't stone him for lookin ...please
Beachbum55 says to  (22:24:24):
Mitt Isnt My Canditate But He has teh Name Recognition and Backing!!!!
Beachbum55 says to  (22:24:27):
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:24:29):
i look at good lookin women all the time
beerhunter says to  (22:24:42):
mitt is the CNN canidate why i will never vote for him
Beachbum55 says to  (22:25:06):
well like Paul I WILL Vote for Him Over Obama.  ANyone but Him.
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:25:14):
beerhunter says to  (22:25:26):
right on bum
Beachbum55 says to  (22:25:45):
Im Not Going to Argue Over Mitt.  The Future will Prove Me right or wrong
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:25:56):
mittr romney and donald trump need to put their money where their mouth is
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:25:58):
when they lose
Beachbum55 says to  (22:26:37):
and I am also Sick of the Whining Jews bitc*hing Over Obama.  The Majority of THEM Put Obama is Office and Will Vote for Him AGAIN!!!
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:26:55):
obama has close to a billion dollars in his war chest ..
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:27:10):
all corp money
Beachbum55 says to  (22:27:20):
I said that.   He Has HAD the Billion reported Way Back in Jan,,,
beerhunter says to  (22:27:35):
if you are not a die hard lib and vote for obama you need a cat scan
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:27:36):
how mmuch is donald trump net worth ??
Beachbum55 says to  (22:27:37):
and Soros in His Pocket along with GE and Google
Beachbum55 says to  (22:27:50):
U Better All Pray..
Beachbum55 says to  (22:28:26):
Obama has the advantage He is the Sitting President with a Decent Golf Swing..
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:28:31):
i can't se any one beating obama
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:28:37):
Beachbum55 says to  (22:28:37):
Me Neither.
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:28:56):
just to much money @beachbum
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:29:16):
we will raise the same money odd
Beachbum55 says to  (22:29:24):
when You See Fools Like Newt Making Headlines making the Republican Party Look So Stupid, Please,,, How Can U be Optomistic???
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:29:31):
compare the top republica conservative fundraisers of 2010 to democrats
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:29:33):
we dominate
beerhunter says to  (22:29:34):
bum he may kineticaly win
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:29:50):
I guaranteeyou because of the economy the poeple who love obama will not have the money in 2012
Beachbum55 says to  (22:29:50):
Beachbum55 says to  (22:30:02):
I Have Never Missed a Vote, have You???
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:30:10):
i voted for the first time in 2010
Beachbum55 says to  (22:30:19):
or Primary.   I take Voting Seriously...
TeaPartyPaul says to  (22:30:29):
over to ggt we go
beerhunter says to  (22:30:31):
nope i'm from wisconsin and i'm gonna get to vote alot
Beachbum55 says to  (22:30:35):
Good for You.  Take it seriously
Beachbum55 says to  (22:30:46):
People DIE Trying to Vote TP
Beachbum55 says to  (22:30:58):
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:31:09):
please vote thats are right
Beachbum55 says to  (22:31:28):
Im anxious to See if the NY Jews Vote for Obama AGAIN!!
Beachbum55 says to  (22:31:31):
Beachbum55 says to  (22:31:44):
what Fools...
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:31:46):
one day we may not get the chance
Beachbum55 says to  (22:31:53):
True Odd
Beachbum55 says to  (22:32:07):
Lets hope We Never See That day.
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:32:24):
ny jews are happy with whats going on
Beachbum55 says to  (22:32:31):
Off to GGT,  sorry I Missed Most of ur show Ben.  Im not feeling so Hot..
ODD SQUAD says to  (22:32:45):
good nite beach bun and benyamin
Beachbum55 says to  (22:32:48):
Yes and They ALL Love Weiner...
Benyamin Solomon says (22:32:47):
That's okay beachbum.
Benyamin Solomon says (22:32:53):
Good night ODD
Benyamin Solomon says (22:32:55):

Beachbum55 says to  (22:33:03):
Good Nite Ben and Ill Listen in archive
Benyamin Solomon says (22:33:08):
Beachbum55 says to  (22:33:11):
Good Nite Odd
Benyamin Solomon says (22:33:15):
Obama shall be exposed.

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