Monday, August 22, 2011

Islam's Collaboration with Nazism 8/22/2011

*** (14:18:19):Welcome to the Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
cowpote says to  (14:31:18):
i sent a tweet
cowpote says to  (14:31:50):
cowpote says to  (14:32:00):
i hear nothing
cowpote says to  (14:32:10):
there you go
cowpote says to  (14:32:42):
come on..pre-recored.stuff..come on this TALK RADIO
cowpote says to  (14:32:50):
a12iggymom says to  (14:38:46):
Hi Benyamin
Beachbum55 says to  (15:01:27):
Hi Iggymom...(})
a12iggymom says to  (15:03:18):
Hi Beachbum
Constantino says to  (15:05:52):
how about the zionist bankers man
Constantino says to  (15:06:04):
how about the international mafia
Constantino says to  (15:06:25):
you don't know what you are talking about
Constantino says to  (15:06:32):
stop the lies
Constantino says to  (15:06:47):
gound zero is washingtong dc
Constantino says to  (15:07:02):
where the mafia hide sponser by israel
a12iggymom says to  (15:27:31):
they use kids as human sheilds too...cowards all...
CANADIADS says to  (15:45:06):
hello all,
CANADIADS says to  (15:50:05):
racist jews
a12iggymom says to  (15:53:24):
those screaching the loudest are those who are the racists and bigots, Benyamin
Beachbum55 says to  (15:56:48):
Canadiads, u say racist?  Look in the Mirror . . . who is shooting rockets into Israel killing people?  Hater.
a12iggymom says to  (15:57:16):
his nic is Pedrofhile...nuff say...
a12iggymom says to  (16:00:39):
thanks Benyamin, keep spreading the truth...
a12iggymom says to  (16:00:45):

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