Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nazi Albania and its Taqiyya Lies 8/18/2011

*** (21:14:11):Welcome to the Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
a12iggymom says to  (21:18:00):
Hi Benyamin
a12iggymom says to  (21:38:13):
Hi Beachbum
Beachbum55 says to  (21:39:18):
hi iggymom...(})
SM7 says to  (21:57:36):
Beachbum55 says to  (21:59:44):
a12iggymom says to  (22:00:31):
Hi SM Bye SM, thanks Benyamin...
SM7 says to  (22:00:39):
night beachbum, night a12iggymom
a12iggymom says to  (22:00:40):
bye Beachbum
Benyamin Solomon says (22:00:40):
Hey SM7
SM7 says to  (22:00:48):
night benyamin
a12iggymom says to  (22:00:53):
SM7 says to  (22:00:53):
sorry i was late
Benyamin Solomon says (22:00:53):
night sM7
Benyamin Solomon says (22:01:09):
That's okay. You can always listen from the archive, SM7.
SM7 says to  (22:01:25):
i will   night benyamin
Beachbum55 says to  (22:01:50):

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