Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roast your anti-Semite and your Nazi 8/23/2011

*** (20:44:13):Welcome to the Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
Benyamin Solomon says (20:56:14):
CFGA says to  (21:30:20):
what are you talking about Ben?
CFGA says to  (21:30:29):
I can handle it Ben
CFGA says to  (21:30:51):
Pumpkin always trashes Christians out
CFGA says to  (21:31:03):
That's just what she does
CFGA says to  (21:32:45):
Who from ggt183 show last night?
CFGA says to  (21:34:50):
Muhammed had sex with his dead aunt also
CFGA says to  (21:35:10):
to insure she got into heaven
CFGA says to  (21:40:01):
c ya gotta run
Benyamin Solomon says (21:42:31):
We're may end the show early.
DesertRose says to  (21:54:36):
8-| are you being naughty
DesertRose says to  (21:54:43):
Beachbum55 says to  (21:58:07):
ur right...
Beachbum55 says to  (22:00:54):

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