Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Abcs of Conspiracy pt 12- The delusions of Ron Paul fanatics 4/25/2012

*** (21:01:56):Welcome to the rwj Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
MELINDA says to  (22:02:33):
Isn't Kalagenesis a supporter of IRan?
MELINDA says to  (22:04:06):
or they get violent, benyamin
MELINDA says to  (22:04:36):
i've had ron paul supporters threaten to kill and rape me.  so i think they're violent
MELINDA says to  (22:05:11):
yes, obama hates america
MELINDA says to  (22:05:26):
he went to a god damn america church for twenty years
MELINDA says to  (22:05:51):
his wife said americans are mean and sloths
MELINDA says to  (22:06:07):
these are peope who hate america and want to destroy america.
000 Dead Beat Dad LOL says to  (22:17:12):
Do you get the women with those voices...sound like a damn wimp
MELINDA says to  (22:23:02):
MELINDA says to  (22:23:16):
that woman is a racist
MELINDA says to  (22:28:29):
that woman is a racist bitch
MELINDA says to  (22:28:37):
she said black women who date white men are weak
MELINDA says to  (22:28:41):
what a racist whore
Camera Mom says to  (22:55:44):
I can't stand Paul, he's a racist and a fraud
Camera Mom says to  (22:56:47):
LOL!!  That's a funny voice!
Camera Mom says to  (22:59:47):
satan caused the holocaust
Camera Mom says to  (23:00:18):
and satan is back with his baal worshiping freaks, muslims
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (23:02:31):
(})(}) everyone.

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