Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday night politics with Ben Solomon 4/16/2012

Benyamin Solomon's note:I censored part of the chatroom web log. The part the tI censor is replaced with the word censored:

2012-04-1509:03:39 PMrwj Benyamin Solomonenter the room
2012-04-1509:11:43 PMGuest8733enter the room
2012-04-1509:15:36 PMGuest8813enter the room
2012-04-1509:16:13 PMGuest8813quit the room
2012-04-1509:16:32 PMGuest8821enter the room
2012-04-1509:17:58 PMGuest8821quit the room
2012-04-1509:18:42 PMHarryNonceenter the room
2012-04-1509:19:21 PMHarryNonceI made my oatmeal from real oats. Fresh raisins. Nothing farts later better than Oatmeal.
2012-04-1509:19:27 PMHarryNonceI give a crap MR. SOLOMON.
2012-04-1509:20:16 PMHarryNonceAl SHARPton has a big share of Sharp Copiers.
2012-04-1509:20:20 PMHarryNonceDon't copy him.
2012-04-1509:20:35 PMHarryNonceWhat is the show about?
2012-04-1509:20:47 PMHarryNonceI need a subject.
2012-04-1509:20:59 PMHarryNonceWhere is Kala.
2012-04-1509:21:04 PMHarryNonceI'm going there.
2012-04-1509:21:10 PMHarryNonceLet the bidding begin.
2012-04-1509:22:43 PMGlobal Professionalenter the room
2012-04-1509:22:55 PMHarryNonceI am 517. I can't press 1
2012-04-1509:22:57 PMHarryNoncepick up
2012-04-1509:23:42 PMrwj Benyamin Solomon
2012-04-1509:25:42 PMproud womanenter the room
2012-04-1509:26:38 PMHarryNonceI just want to go to have sex with Israeli Women.
2012-04-1509:26:44 PMHarryNonceThey're lovely.
2012-04-1509:26:51 PMHarryNonceAnd they're tigers in bed.
2012-04-1509:27:02 PMHarryNonceBut don't ask the show host. He's still a virgin.
2012-04-1509:27:03 PMPhil Hendrie Fanenter the room
2012-04-1509:27:49 PMHarryNonceHe wants to talk about his losing his virginity.
2012-04-1509:28:19 PMHarryNonceWould a sultry woman please call Ben and seduce him on air.
2012-04-1509:28:30 PMPhil Hendrie Fanto his mom's fur coat? Oh sure ,it fought him for awhile,but if you pour enough Manishevitz on it, it gives in.
2012-04-1509:28:46 PMPhil Hendrie Fanso soft and furry....
2012-04-1509:28:57 PMPhil Hendrie Fanhowever, when his Mom found it...
2012-04-1509:29:38 PMGuest9079enter the room
2012-04-1509:30:49 PMPhil Hendrie FanSend the Genesis man to this link:
2012-04-1509:33:27 PMGuest9159enter the room
2012-04-1509:40:32 PMPhil Hendrie Fanquit the room
2012-04-1509:53:48 PMHarryNonceOne more mute Censor and you'll be sold to Kala and Warlord X
2012-04-1509:59:57 PMMELINDAenter the room
2012-04-1510:00:22 PMMELINDAomg
2012-04-1510:00:31 PMMELINDAdid you see what obama the hussein said at the colombia conference?
2012-04-1510:00:37 PMMELINDAomg
2012-04-1510:01:07 PMMELINDAobama the hussein said part of his job at the latin american conference in colombia was to find that bitch mooochelle hussein a place to vacation.
2012-04-1510:01:13 PMMELINDAwhat the hell is wrong with these people?
2012-04-1510:01:24 PMMELINDAgod damn the obamas, and god damn the people who try to say israel is racist.
2012-04-1510:02:48 PMGuest9159quit the room
2012-04-1510:03:21 PMGuest9079quit the room
2012-04-1510:05:25 PMGuest10166enter the room
2012-04-1510:05:36 PMGuest10174enter the room
2012-04-1510:05:55 PMGuest10174quit the room
2012-04-1510:07:21 PMrwj Benyamin Solomonharrynonce, chill.
2012-04-1510:10:07 PMrwj Benyamin SolomonOAJ, one more complaint from Melinda about your behavior and you will be thrown out.
2012-04-1510:10:23 PMBobUSMCenter the room
2012-04-1510:10:49 PMMELINDAhey, bob
2012-04-1510:11:27 PMMELINDAdid you see obama's comment in colombia about how his real purpose at the latin american summit is to find vacation spots for mooochelle hussein obama
2012-04-1510:11:44 PMHarryNonceYou will address me as Lord Jew. What complaint about what. She makes up things. She's sick.
2012-04-1510:11:58 PMrwj Benyamin Solomon
2012-04-1510:12:30 PMBobUSMCmichelle obama's a pig.......and she's a MAN
2012-04-1510:12:35 PMMELINDAdon't call me sick.
2012-04-1510:12:39 PMMELINDAyou sent me nasty messages
2012-04-1510:12:47 PMMELINDAben, now he's lying and calling me names.
2012-04-1510:12:54 PMBobUSMCmore manly than Barack is
2012-04-1510:12:55 PMHarryNonceYou're sick. You're a liar. You need help.
2012-04-1510:13:15 PMHarryNonceLord Jew feels for you.
2012-04-1510:13:23 PMBobUSMCRacistAntoinette, ministerGroktard, oscara, warlordX are liars
2012-04-1510:13:25 PMMELINDAben, tell harry nonce to leave me alone. also tell him to stop asking me to send naked photographs of myself to some email address.
2012-04-1510:13:52 PMBobUSMCjeeeez harry, are n't you married?
2012-04-1510:14:04 PMHarryNonceTo two women.
2012-04-1510:14:14 PMBobUSMCahhh, a mormon
2012-04-1510:14:18 PMMELINDAit's trashy. asking for naked photos
2012-04-1510:14:26 PMHarryNonceWhat is she on about?
2012-04-1510:14:29 PMHarryNonceSick woman
2012-04-1510:14:34 PMMELINDAharry nonce, don't call me names.
2012-04-1510:14:38 PMHarryNonceget back on your medication
2012-04-1510:14:40 PMMELINDAben, he's calling me names
2012-04-1510:15:15 PMHarryNoncewhich medication are you not taking?
2012-04-1510:15:21 PMBobUSMCwasn't it funny when all those liars heard Sarge say he talked to you on air. Lol!!
2012-04-1510:15:27 PMMELINDAi know.
2012-04-1510:15:39 PMBobUSMCwhere are all those douchebags, anyways?
2012-04-1510:15:40 PMHarryNoncesarge is easily fooled.
2012-04-1510:15:43 PMMELINDAi love sarge.
2012-04-1510:15:47 PMMELINDAharry, you are trash.
2012-04-1510:15:53 PMMELINDAben is going to boot you.
2012-04-1510:15:57 PMBobUSMCSarge is no dummy
2012-04-1510:15:58 PMMELINDAso you better behave
2012-04-1510:16:04 PMHarryNonceyou love Ben, you love sarge. Who is trashy?
2012-04-1510:16:12 PMMELINDAharry, you are not welcome here.
2012-04-1510:16:14 PMHarryNonceBen won't boot me. I'll sell him.
2012-04-1510:16:20 PMMELINDAtrash, you are trash
2012-04-1510:16:24 PMHarryNonceAnd he knows it.
2012-04-1510:16:28 PMBobUSMCunlike abc and tessler, antoinetteracist, kalakaka,
2012-04-1510:16:29 PMMELINDAyou are ghetto trash, harry
2012-04-1510:16:50 PMBobUSMCharry, melinda's gonna kick ur butt.
2012-04-1510:16:50 PMHarryNoncestop lying.
2012-04-1510:16:55 PMBobUSMC:D(lol)
2012-04-1510:16:56 PMMELINDAi'm reporting your private message to btr, harry.
2012-04-1510:17:01 PMHarryNoncestop makingup problem.c
2012-04-1510:17:16 PMMELINDAyou need to leave me alone
2012-04-1510:17:17 PMHarryNonceyou're a very bad man,woman, whatever you are.
2012-04-1510:17:29 PMMELINDAyou need to leave me alone
2012-04-1510:17:37 PMMELINDAyou are harrassing me and spreading rumors
2012-04-1510:17:37 PMHarryNonceyou are annoying me.
2012-04-1510:17:40 PMHarryNoncestop it now.
2012-04-1510:17:42 PMMELINDAyou are out of touch
2012-04-1510:17:47 PMHarryNoncestop writing to me.
2012-04-1510:17:47 PMMELINDAyou need to be kind to me
2012-04-1510:17:52 PMMELINDAyou need to apologize right now
2012-04-1510:18:01 PMBobUSMCjeeez, harry, don't be like Antoinette and that foolish crowd
2012-04-1510:18:09 PMHarryNoncesemper fi
2012-04-1510:18:31 PMGuest10166quit the room
2012-04-1510:18:32 PMMELINDAharry nonce, you need to be kind to me
2012-04-1510:19:01 PMMELINDAben, harry nonce is saying horrible stuff again.
2012-04-1510:19:04 PMBobUSMCBIGGEST BTR RACISTS: abc, Antoinette, WarlordX, Kala
2012-04-1510:19:08 PMMELINDAhe's threatened violence.
2012-04-1510:19:26 PMBobUSMC"How To Take Care Of Your New Puppy" by Oscara w/foreward by Michael VIck
2012-04-1510:19:33 PMrwj Benyamin SolomonStop bickering in my chatroom.
2012-04-1510:19:55 PMBobUSMC
2012-04-1510:20:01 PMMELINDAyeah, harry. stop it.
2012-04-1510:20:05 PMHarryNonceYe shall be exposed. Lord Jew has spoken,
2012-04-1510:20:17 PMMELINDAben, now he is threatening me.
2012-04-1510:20:23 PMMELINDAomg. he is threatening me.
2012-04-1510:20:26 PMMELINDAben, ban him now
2012-04-1510:20:27 PMHarryNonceplease take your medicine.
2012-04-1510:20:41 PMMELINDAhe is breaking rules. now he is implying that i take meds. omg
2012-04-1510:20:46 PMMELINDAban him now. he is harrassing me.
2012-04-1510:20:47 PMHarryNonceno
2012-04-1510:20:49 PMMELINDAthreatening me
2012-04-1510:21:01 PMrwj Benyamin Solomon
2012-04-1510:21:02 PMHarryNonceI am saying you are Not taking your meds.
2012-04-1510:21:06 PMHarryNoncevery different.
2012-04-1510:21:13 PMHarryNonceplease take your meds
2012-04-1510:21:14 PMMELINDAomg
2012-04-1510:21:21 PMMELINDAban him, ben
2012-04-1510:21:35 PMMELINDAhe's implying that i need meds, and he threatened me. he also asked for naked photos.
2012-04-1510:21:58 PMHarryNoncestop lying. take your meds. take a bath.
2012-04-1510:22:13 PMMELINDAomg, ben. look at what he's writing.
2012-04-1510:22:23 PMMELINDAben, ban him.
2012-04-1510:22:26 PMMELINDAhe's harrassing me.
2012-04-1510:22:28 PMHarryNoncetake a cleansing bath. clean your soul.
2012-04-1510:22:36 PMHarryNonceget right with jesus
2012-04-1510:23:51 PMMELINDAshove it
2012-04-1510:24:08 PMHarryNoncethat was rude.
2012-04-1510:24:16 PMMELINDAyou are rude. you asked for nude photos
2012-04-1510:24:22 PMHarryNoncetake me off your mailin list immediately.
2012-04-1510:24:27 PMMELINDAyou are trashy
2012-04-1510:24:31 PMMELINDAyou harrassed me
2012-04-1510:24:35 PMGlobal Professionalquit the room
2012-04-1510:24:37 PMMELINDAyou are unrepentant
2012-04-1510:24:44 PMHarryNonceHow much for the candy bar?
2012-04-1510:25:00 PMMELINDAyou harrassed me, and asked for naked photos
2012-04-1510:25:04 PMMELINDAyou need to apologize
2012-04-1510:25:13 PMHarryNoncedo you sell ramen noodles?
2012-04-1510:25:25 PMMELINDABEN, he just made a racist comment
2012-04-1510:25:44 PMBobUSMCthe caller said "crackers"
2012-04-1510:25:52 PMBobUSMCwut a racist douchebag
2012-04-1510:26:56 PMBobUSMCask the racist caller if he used the N word too? i'm sure he feels he gets a doble standard at his disposal
2012-04-1510:27:07 PMBobUSMCdouble
2012-04-1510:27:29 PMBobUSMCjust like RacistAntoinette, abc, wardorkX, Kalakaka, etc etc etc
2012-04-1510:27:37 PMHarryNonceI need some tiger balm. do you have some?
2012-04-1510:27:42 PMMELINDAomg, ben
2012-04-1510:27:49 PMMELINDAhe's making racist nasty statements
2012-04-1510:28:56 PMHarryNonceI like to use tiger balm on the one eye.
2012-04-1510:29:02 PMBobUSMCask the caller about his use of the word "CRACKER"
2012-04-1510:29:42 PMBobUSMCask the caller about his use of the word "CRACKER"
2012-04-1510:29:53 PMBobUSMCask the caller about his use of the word "CRACKER"
2012-04-1510:30:17 PMHarryNonceNothing makes the one eye dance than a dab of tiger balm and some ramen noodle soup
2012-04-1510:30:23 PMBobUSMCobviously an Obama voter
2012-04-1510:30:30 PMGlobal Professionalenter the room
2012-04-1510:30:51 PMMELINDAbenyamin, ban this harry nonce. he's trying to compare me to ramen noodle.
2012-04-1510:31:35 PMHarryNoncequit the room
2012-04-1510:31:38 PMBobUSMCmelinda, you should kick harry in his nuts
2012-04-1510:31:47 PMBobUSMC8-|8-|
2012-04-1510:31:50 PMBobUSMC:D
2012-04-1510:33:15 PMHarryNonceenter the room
2012-04-1510:34:27 PMHarryNoncei love crackers
2012-04-1510:34:29 PMHarryNoncein my
2012-04-1510:34:32 PMHarryNonceramen noodle
2012-04-1510:34:38 PMHarryNoncesoup
2012-04-1510:34:50 PMHarryNoncecan I buy incense in the shop?
2012-04-1510:35:24 PMHarryNonceare you fat? is that why you never call in?
2012-04-1510:36:42 PMGuest10948enter the room
2012-04-1510:36:42 PMGuest10947enter the room
2012-04-1510:37:32 PMHarryNoncequit the room
2012-04-1510:37:44 PMrwj Benyamin SolomonOAJ is kicked out.
2012-04-1510:37:56 PMMELINDA:-*
2012-04-1510:42:17 PMMELINDAquit the room
2012-04-1510:42:48 PMGlobal ProfessionalWOW.......
2012-04-1510:43:13 PMMeasure of Faithenter the room
2012-04-1510:43:55 PMGuest10948quit the room
2012-04-1510:44:16 PMGuest8733quit the room
2012-04-1510:45:00 PMGuest11011enter the room
2012-04-1510:45:32 PMGuest11011quit the room
2012-04-1510:46:34 PMGuest11018enter the room
2012-04-1510:47:08 PMGuest11018quit the room
2012-04-1510:48:06 PMtyler2toneenter the room
2012-04-1510:48:08 PMGuest11026enter the room
2012-04-1510:48:20 PMtyler2tonelol OAgay was here
2012-04-1510:48:47 PMGuest11035enter the room
2012-04-1510:48:53 PMtyler2tonehe must not have had enough dole money left to get his sunday night rub and tug from the hooker he calls a massage therapist
2012-04-1510:50:06 PMGuest11035quit the room
2012-04-1510:51:14 PMGuest11052enter the room
2012-04-1510:51:45 PMBobUSMC:D
2012-04-1510:52:26 PMtyler2toneOAgay is soooo fat he has to pay foor 2 people
2012-04-1510:52:46 PMBobUSMC(lol)
2012-04-1510:53:05 PMBobUSMCTwoAngryJews
2012-04-1510:53:13 PMBobUSMChehehe
2012-04-1510:53:30 PMtyler2tonehe's not even jewish he is a fat lieing Jesuit
2012-04-1510:53:40 PMBobUSMCwhen ordering matso ball soup: "make mine a double"
2012-04-1510:53:52 PMBobUSMC:D
2012-04-1510:54:30 PMGlobal Professionalquit the room
2012-04-1510:55:18 PMtyler2tonethat double stuff white oreo is almost as fat as OAgay
2012-04-1510:55:40 PMBobUSMCBIGGEST BTR RACISTS: abc, Antoinette, WarlordX, Kala
2012-04-1510:56:05 PMBobUSMCABC = RETARD !!!!!
2012-04-1510:56:12 PMBobUSMC:D
2012-04-1510:56:57 PMtyler2tonetyler2tone: he's not even jewish he is a fat lieing Jesuit <--- was not about BEn was about OAgay aka HarryNonce
2012-04-1510:57:58 PMMeasure of Faithabc is as dumb as they come
2012-04-1510:58:26 PMMeasure of Faithyou'd be hard pressed to find a bigger idiot than abc on BTR
2012-04-1510:58:53 PMBobUSMChe's even dumber than that. lol.
2012-04-1510:59:11 PMBobUSMCabc's a brainwashed zombie
2012-04-1510:59:17 PMBobUSMC:D
2012-04-1510:59:22 PMMeasure of Faithabc is one hell f a good parrot though
2012-04-1510:59:27 PMMeasure of Faith*of
2012-04-1510:59:30 PMBobUSMCtrue true
2012-04-1510:59:47 PMBobUSMCabc likes a double standard on racial issues
2012-04-1510:59:56 PMMeasure of Faithabc is a good boy he tows the racist identity politics line
2012-04-1511:00:25 PMBobUSMCjust like RacistAntoinette, wardorkX, kalaracist, etc etc
2012-04-1511:00:29 PMproud womanquit the room
2012-04-1511:00:30 PMBobUSMC"Just the facts" - Sgt Joe Friday
2012-04-1511:00:34 PMBobUSMC({)
2012-04-1511:00:49 PMBobUSMCben, u got some women in israel?
2012-04-1511:00:52 PMMeasure of Faithyou are a good boy abc your masters love you. They were especially pleased when abc self defined as a "field slave"
2012-04-1511:00:54 PMBobUSMCu player you
2012-04-1511:00:58 PMBobUSMC(6)
2012-04-1511:01:10 PMMeasure of Faithquit the room
2012-04-1511:01:15 PMBobUSMC(})
2012-04-1511:01:22 PMBobUSMCquit the room
2012-04-1511:02:18 PMGuest11052quit the room
2012-04-1511:02:45 PMtyler2tonequit the room
2012-04-1511:05:03 PMGuest11165enter the room

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