Saturday, April 7, 2012

Small Government vs. Conspiracy Theory 4/7/2012

 Sorry. I lsot most of the chatroom. this last bit is all I could recover from the chatroom:

MELINDA: Holger will be on next
MELINDA: you can call into holger's show too
MELINDA: let's go to holger after this ends
KyleJohnson1: 57
MELINDA: wow, warlord is trash
KyleJohnson1: 57 arab states, that is where barry fudged and
showed his hand somewhat
BobUSMC: Hankon Razor has a good show tonight too,
he goes for 3 hours, after Holger's.
BobUSMC: Hanlon
brotherk: i got hung up on by mistake
rwj Benyamin Solomon: The show ended. BTR hung up on us

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