Friday, May 20, 2011

Benyamin Solomon's Truth Zone 5/20/2011

2011-05-20 04:31:41 PM Benyamin Solomon
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2011-05-20 04:32:15 PM Conservative T and T
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2011-05-20 04:32:26 PM Conservative T and T
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2011-05-20 04:32:31 PM ggt183
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2011-05-20 04:32:39 PM Conservative T and T
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2011-05-20 04:33:09 PM ggt183
2011-05-20 04:33:13 PM Loki
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2011-05-20 04:33:22 PM ggt183
2011-05-20 04:33:46 PM ggt183
2011-05-20 04:34:05 PM Loki
Howdy ggt!
2011-05-20 04:34:13 PM Guest8629
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2011-05-20 04:34:27 PM Conservative T and T
Hey ggt (})
2011-05-20 04:34:36 PM Guest8629
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2011-05-20 04:34:57 PM Liberty Son
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2011-05-20 04:35:11 PM ggt183
2011-05-20 04:35:19 PM Liberty Son
GGT Im so mad at you dude
2011-05-20 04:35:24 PM ggt183
2011-05-20 04:36:02 PM Liberty Son
You gave me the wrong nukber and some white redneck called me today and said "look boy I aint Jermaine, quit callin my damn phone stupid"
2011-05-20 04:36:06 PM Guest8659
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2011-05-20 04:36:30 PM ggt183
2011-05-20 04:36:34 PM Conservative T and T
2011-05-20 04:37:06 PM Guest8659
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2011-05-20 04:37:16 PM Liberty Son
I was like, I didnt call your phone stupid but you are, and he threatened to kill me so I hung up
2011-05-20 04:37:30 PM ggt183
336-506-0559....i have a company cell now...i thought i told you that.
2011-05-20 04:37:36 PM ggt183
what number you call?
2011-05-20 04:37:51 PM Liberty Son
no u must have left that out, well I think I know the number for the KKK in GA now
2011-05-20 04:37:59 PM ggt183
2011-05-20 04:38:14 PM ggt183
its the NC kkk...thank you:@
2011-05-20 04:38:15 PM Liberty Son
2011-05-20 04:38:17 PM Benyamin Solomon
Time to roast Mahmoud Abbas, since I read his stupid NY Times article last night after Ggt183's show was over.
2011-05-20 04:38:21 PM ggt183
old number
2011-05-20 04:38:29 PM Benyamin Solomon
The chatroom shall get published.
2011-05-20 04:38:38 PM Liberty Son
Well ya donated that one to the KKK dude
2011-05-20 04:39:11 PM Liberty Son
Beny can I call in to the show?
2011-05-20 04:39:17 PM Benyamin Solomon
2011-05-20 04:39:20 PM ggt183
I'm a former member...:D
2011-05-20 04:39:45 PM Liberty Son
YEs I've heard of that group, Blind crackers for white rights
2011-05-20 04:39:56 PM ggt183
2011-05-20 04:40:05 PM ggt183
<<< loves white women:-*
2011-05-20 04:40:18 PM ggt183
dont tell my wife:S
2011-05-20 04:40:23 PM Liberty Son
<---- Loves all mute women
2011-05-20 04:40:59 PM Liberty Son
lmao, my 85 pound dog just killed an Ant and looked at me like "how ya like that daddy"/
2011-05-20 04:41:26 PM ggt183
what kind of dog you got?
2011-05-20 04:41:32 PM ggt183
i have two
2011-05-20 04:41:40 PM Liberty Son
Yeelow lab and German Shep
2011-05-20 04:41:53 PM ggt183
Black Lab and American Bulldog
2011-05-20 04:42:04 PM Loki
Japanese Chins
2011-05-20 04:42:13 PM Guest8744
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2011-05-20 04:42:21 PM Guest2201
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2011-05-20 04:42:26 PM Guest8744
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2011-05-20 04:42:39 PM JJ andPOPS SportsTalk
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2011-05-20 04:42:57 PM Camera Mom
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2011-05-20 04:43:27 PM JJ andPOPS SportsTalk
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2011-05-20 04:43:38 PM ggt183
Japanese Chins?...are they small
2011-05-20 04:43:46 PM Loki
2011-05-20 04:43:56 PM THE JERK
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2011-05-20 04:44:31 PM THE JERK
George Bush Made the same statement in January 2008 except to 1949
2011-05-20 04:45:05 PM ggt183
The United States should always stand shoulder to shoulder with the United Kingdom and Israel...they are our only true allies
2011-05-20 04:45:28 PM THE JERK
I agree but Obama was not the first to make that statement
2011-05-20 04:46:04 PM Loki
Have a link for Bush's statement?
2011-05-20 04:46:21 PM THE JERK
Yes I'll get it for you
2011-05-20 04:46:49 PM Camera Mom
Obummer is a marxist, muslim, narcissistic, left wing nut job, the word anti-Christ comes to mind
2011-05-20 04:47:33 PM ggt183
i tried to avoid that label @Camera Mom but he is making it hard to deny
2011-05-20 04:48:07 PM THE JERK
quit the room
2011-05-20 04:48:18 PM Camera Mom
sorry but I had little sleep last night
2011-05-20 04:49:43 PM Camera Mom
The fighting comes from the book of hate, the koran
2011-05-20 04:50:34 PM ggt183
Obama is narcissistic....he thinks there is no God ...he thinks he is God
2011-05-20 04:53:21 PM Camera Mom
He's not, and a lost election will let him know that
2011-05-20 04:55:02 PM ggt183
anyone ever wonder what Obama would do if he lost the election.the election is in Nov..the innauguration of the new president would not be until Jan the following year.
2011-05-20 04:55:12 PM Guest9006
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2011-05-20 04:55:23 PM ggt183
He would try to absolutely destroy us
2011-05-20 04:56:18 PM Camera Mom
he is alredy but we are too polite we should have impeached him
2011-05-20 04:56:51 PM ggt183
impeach him for what though?
2011-05-20 04:57:21 PM ggt183
he has not broken the law...he just has bad policies
2011-05-20 04:57:35 PM Camera Mom
Put the name on what he is doing, following the goals of the communist party
2011-05-20 04:58:41 PM THE JERK
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2011-05-20 04:59:04 PM THE JERK
Loki Here you go...
2011-05-20 04:59:13 PM THE JERK
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2011-05-20 04:59:35 PM THE JERK
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2011-05-20 05:01:14 PM THE JERK
2011-05-20 05:01:39 PM ggt183
Today Netanyahu told Obama to shove it.
2011-05-20 05:02:20 PM Guest9006
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2011-05-20 05:02:50 PM Camera Mom
Yeah he's so sexy too. Go Netanyahu!
2011-05-20 05:04:20 PM ggt183
Netanyahu said that going back to the borders of 1967 borders is not gonna happen.
2011-05-20 05:05:15 PM ggt183
and Israel will not negotiate.
2011-05-20 05:05:33 PM Camera Mom
Most Americans support Netanyahu
2011-05-20 05:05:48 PM THE JERK
Bush made the same statement in 2008 but borders to 1949
2011-05-20 05:06:49 PM ggt183
Then Bush was wrong too....Israel should not give the Palestinians anything..borders are decided by war..thats just the way it is
2011-05-20 05:06:52 PM Camera Mom
Bush said that Islam is a religion of peace
2011-05-20 05:07:14 PM THE JERK
I Agree just saying I put the Link
2011-05-20 05:07:56 PM THE JERK
quit the room
2011-05-20 05:09:14 PM Liberty Son
The Jerk...who cares its not about whicj party said's about whats right!
2011-05-20 05:09:21 PM Camera Mom
The UN needs to go away
2011-05-20 05:09:26 PM Liberty Son
i agree
2011-05-20 05:09:35 PM Loki
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2011-05-20 05:10:32 PM Guest2201
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2011-05-20 05:11:42 PM Liberty Son
Sorry I had to get the pther line Beny
2011-05-20 05:12:19 PM Benyamin Solomon
2011-05-20 05:12:23 PM Camera Mom
Islam thinks the whole world is theirs
2011-05-20 05:13:20 PM Success City
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2011-05-20 05:17:24 PM Camera Mom
Islam is nazi, Hitler would smile and lie lie lie also, I'm ready for the crusades
2011-05-20 05:19:16 PM Liberty Son
Camera Mom, allow me to intrioduce myself....I am a Templar KNight
2011-05-20 05:20:12 PM Camera Mom
I love you
2011-05-20 05:20:14 PM Antoinette from De
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2011-05-20 05:20:26 PM Camera Mom
2011-05-20 05:20:28 PM ggt183
2011-05-20 05:20:28 PM Liberty Son
2011-05-20 05:20:58 PM Success City
Liberty little flirt!!
2011-05-20 05:21:11 PM Antoinette from De
hello Ben canera T&T ggt son city
2011-05-20 05:21:27 PM Liberty Son
Hi Antoinette
2011-05-20 05:21:39 PM Camera Mom
Hey Annie!
2011-05-20 05:21:47 PM Conservative T and T
Hi Antoinette
2011-05-20 05:21:48 PM Guest9573
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2011-05-20 05:22:05 PM Antoinette from De
pls do not call me Annie Camera my name is Antoinette, I don't l ike nicknames
2011-05-20 05:22:29 PM Guest9581
enter the room
2011-05-20 05:22:32 PM Camera Mom
Okay Hello A:)ntoinette!
2011-05-20 05:22:42 PM Antoinette from De
hello how are you
2011-05-20 05:22:50 PM Camera Mom
Great and you?
2011-05-20 05:23:01 PM Antoinette from De
I'm well ty for asking
2011-05-20 05:23:27 PM Liberty Son
Antoinette are you cranky today?
2011-05-20 05:23:35 PM Antoinette from De
2011-05-20 05:23:56 PM Camera Mom
Obama getting you down?
2011-05-20 05:24:13 PM Camera Mom
2011-05-20 05:24:24 PM Liberty Son
<---- Gives Antoinette tea and crumpet and blanket for her legs
2011-05-20 05:24:29 PM Antoinette from De
no that is bible prphecy, he will have to answer to God for that one
2011-05-20 05:24:35 PM Camera Mom
2011-05-20 05:24:42 PM Success City
If tomorow is judgement day, Obama will blame Bush.
2011-05-20 05:25:02 PM Camera Mom
2011-05-20 05:25:12 PM Antoinette from De
you don';t beliee that do you, the bible says no man kows the day nor the hour
2011-05-20 05:25:26 PM Antoinette from De
if Jesus did't tell it how can modern day man
2011-05-20 05:25:30 PM ThunderCracker
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2011-05-20 05:25:39 PM Camera Mom
I love Jesus!
2011-05-20 05:25:40 PM Conservative T and T
quit the room
2011-05-20 05:25:45 PM Guest9669
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2011-05-20 05:26:06 PM Success City
Nopo...but just in case....let my husband know where I went. He would starve to death if I am not here!
2011-05-20 05:26:25 PM Guest9669
quit the room
2011-05-20 05:26:32 PM Success City
Meant "nope"
2011-05-20 05:26:57 PM Liberty Son
I worship Jesus
2011-05-20 05:27:05 PM Success City
2011-05-20 05:27:09 PM Antoinette from De
so do I Liberty Son
2011-05-20 05:27:12 PM Guest9716
enter the room
2011-05-20 05:27:21 PM Camera Mom
I was laughing at the bomb from Ben, Antoinette
2011-05-20 05:27:50 PM Antoinette from De
sorry I did not hear it, the phone rang and granddaughter wanted my attention
2011-05-20 05:28:10 PM Camera Mom
he bombed the article
2011-05-20 05:28:31 PM Guest9716
quit the room
2011-05-20 05:28:31 PM Antoinette from De
oh ty I did not hear that
2011-05-20 05:28:41 PM Liberty Son
I love my family, my friends and my country
2011-05-20 05:28:58 PM Camera Mom
I love Liberty Son(L)
2011-05-20 05:29:08 PM Liberty Son
Love you too
2011-05-20 05:29:16 PM Guest9776
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2011-05-20 05:29:53 PM Camera Mom
koran will never change, ben
2011-05-20 05:30:29 PM Benyamin Solomon
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2011-05-20 05:30:29 PM Benyamin Solomon
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2011-05-20 05:30:31 PM Benyamin Solomon
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2011-05-20 05:30:38 PM ThunderCracker
2011-05-20 05:30:42 PM Camera Mom
2011-05-20 05:30:44 PM ThunderCracker
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2011-05-20 05:30:49 PM Camera Mom
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2011-05-20 05:30:51 PM Guest9573
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2011-05-20 05:30:58 PM Success City
2011-05-20 05:31:02 PM Guest9581
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2011-05-20 05:31:03 PM Antoinette from De
good day everyone
2011-05-20 05:31:09 PM Success City
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2011-05-20 05:31:10 PM Antoinette from De
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2011-05-20 05:31:10 PM Liberty Son
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2011-05-20 05:31:17 PM Benyamin Solomon
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2011-05-20 05:31:22 PM Benyamin Solomon
2011-05-20 05:31:25 PM ggt183
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2011-05-20 05:31:28 PM Benyamin Solomon
My firefox quit on me.
2011-05-20 05:31:43 PM Guest9776
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  1. The reason that this chatroom is published as a chatroom log is because the firefox quit on me near the end of the show.