Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Case against a "Palestinian" state 5/3/2011

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SexySammy37 says to  (21:10:34):
hi ggt whats up great show last nite
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benyamin --the palestanian arabs are a distinct ethnic group
AmericanCitizen says to  (21:13:23):
take some middle eastern courses at brooklyn college benyamin
AmericanCitizen says to  (21:14:15):
orientalism by edward said is a seminal book in middle eastern studies benny:D
SexySammy37 says to  (21:14:18):
u got all the wepons and the other side has a dead INNOCENT bodys
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AmericanCitizen says to  (21:15:32):
u should read that book benny
ggt183 says to  (21:15:53):
unmute sexysammy ben:@
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she just disagrees with you...let her state her case ben
ggt183 says to  (21:16:45):
lets be fair
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AmericanCitizen says to  (21:18:15):
i also recommend 'a history of the arab peoples' by albert hourani benny----pleasurable reading material :D
AmericanCitizen says to  (21:22:13):
u need to diversify your topics benyamin u are losing your audience
AmericanCitizen says to  (21:23:08):
u talk about the same topic every night---why don't u talk about kabbalah or the relationship between the blacks and the jews?
AmericanCitizen says to  (21:24:21):
how about u address the nation of islam claim that the jews played a role in slavery?
ggt183 says to  (21:25:33):
The US has veto power benyamin...there will not be a Palestinian state
ggt183 says to  (21:27:06):
Luckily hes going into an election year...he at the very least must look like hes supporting Israel
ggt183 says to  (21:27:37):
therefore the US will use its veto power
ggt183 says to  (21:30:37):
I support Israel 100%...always have...always will.....however i am concerned about the Palestinians well being.
ggt183 says to  (21:32:46):
they are human beings and we have a responsibilty to make sure that they are treated fairly.
ggt183 says to  (21:33:42):
but we must make it clear that they will never have a state
ggt183 says to  (21:35:28):
they must live in peace amongst the jews..and accept the jewish rule of law
ggt183 says to  (21:44:51):
Iran must not be alowed to attain nuclear weapons.....This is an urgent matter..Israel must take out the nuclear sites now
ggt183 says to  (21:45:22):
The US should act in a support role in this operation
ggt183 says to  (21:45:46):
This action is vital to Israels survival
ggt183 says to  (21:46:27):
This is the conversation we should be talking about
ggt183 says to  (21:51:00):
If Iran attains nuclear weapons then they could force Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians
afordson2 says to  (21:59:43):
ben is an asshole
SM7 says to  (22:17:58):
i dont understand why european countries are allowing people to run around saying to kill jews after all that has happened
SM7 says to  (22:20:19):
sharia law is gaining popularity in michigan, that was suprising to me
SM7 says to  (22:22:23):
i heard on another btr show that there is a   muslim underground in america ,  is that true
SM7 says to  (22:27:35):
the mayor of this swedish town said what!!
SM7 says to  (22:29:05):
were those  muslims in sweden  arrested at least
SM7 says to  (22:30:00):
we have to decrease our dependence on middle east oil
Benyamin Solomon says (22:30:41):
We do have to decrease our dependence on Middle Eastern oil SM&. You are absolutely right.
SM7 says to  (22:30:49):
no sound
Benyamin Solomon says (22:30:58):
SM7. Sorry for the typo.
SM7 says to  (22:31:05):
no problem
SM7 says to  (22:31:27):
Beachbum55 says to  (22:33:08):
Benyamin Solomon says (22:33:47):
God bless Israel. God bless America. God bless western civilization. God bless the free world. Take care.:)(})

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