Friday, May 27, 2011

Benymamin Solomon's Truth Zone 5/27/2011

*** (15:03:10):Welcome to the Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
mary13531 says to  (15:07:56):
Good for you Ben
mary13531 says to  (15:08:46):
Hi Melinda
MELINDA says to  (15:09:16):
Benyamin, you know that One Angry Jew guy threatened to rape me.  He's real disgusting and violent.
mary13531 says to  (15:09:18):
I'm all for free speech but not hate speech
MELINDA says to  (15:09:36):
mary13531 says to  (15:12:26):
The reason we know Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons is Israel is still there
mary13531 says to  (15:16:43):
I seem to have lost sound
Benyamin Solomon says (15:18:00):
Show is over anyway.
Benyamin Solomon says (15:20:45):
Sorry. I'm shutting down the chatroom.

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