Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Firing Squad Zone 5/14/2011

*** (21:04:06):Welcome to the Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
bluesky69 says to  (21:30:16):
hi benyamin(L):-*
Benyamin Solomon says (21:30:44):
hi bluesky69(L):-*
cowpote says to  (21:35:22):
bluesky69 says to  (21:35:32):
bluesky69 says to  (21:35:37):
bluesky69 says to  (21:35:44):
Beachbum55 says to  (21:38:07):
Hi Blue..  :D
bluesky69 says to  (21:38:21):
hi bb(lol)
Beachbum55 says to  (21:39:11):
Ben U r fine with show the way it is..
bluesky69 says to  (21:39:18):
yes he is
bluesky69 says to  (21:39:28):
the show is fine the way it is
Beachbum55 says to  (21:39:33):
Cowpoke is part of debi daly show..
Beachbum55 says to  (21:39:43):
Move on..
Beachbum55 says to  (21:39:48):
its a troll.
bluesky69 says to  (21:40:02):
it is vince
Beachbum55 says to  (21:40:11):
I know.
bluesky69 says to  (21:40:13):
vince in the bay
Beachbum55 says to Benyamin Solomon (private) (21:40:58):
hang up on these trolls..
bluesky69 says to  (21:41:15):
k i gotta run now
bluesky69 says to  (21:41:18):
bye all
Beachbum55 says to  (21:41:25):
see u later
bluesky69 says to  (21:41:29):
ok bbb
Beachbum55 says to Benyamin Solomon (private) (21:43:01):
he is ***ing with u,  Im going..
Beachbum55 says to  (21:43:17):
Beachbum55 says to  (21:44:01):
a girl??/  Yay!!!
Beachbum55 says to  (21:47:10):
u wasted 15 min.
Benyamin Solomon says (21:48:41):
Sorry for he time wasted.
Beachbum55 says to  (21:49:04):
its ok
Benyamin Solomon says (21:49:13):
This song is Suha Arafat's theme song.
Benyamin Solomon says (21:49:31):
Some may find it offensive. Some may find it amusing.(H)
Beachbum55 says to  (21:50:07):
breaking up
Benyamin Solomon says (21:50:24):
Beachbum55 says to  (21:50:41):
its ok now
Benyamin Solomon says (21:50:50):
TonyInOhio says to  (22:07:55):
Beachbum55 says to  (22:08:24):
hey tony
Beachbum55 says to  (22:08:48):
TonyInOhio says to  (22:08:49):
did the show just start, or did i miss an hour?
Beachbum55 says to  (22:09:18):
u missed a hour but most was nonsense with time out for trolls screwing with ben.
TonyInOhio says to  (22:09:30):
TonyInOhio says to  (22:12:36):
Hello Ben...
TonyInOhio says to  (22:13:18):
studies have been done been 95% of the cases between 1980 and 2004 were caused by occupations of foreign military
TonyInOhio says to  (22:13:23):
you can BELIVE what you want
TonyInOhio says to  (22:13:30):
TonyInOhio says to  (22:13:40):
I'm not here to debate you Ben
TonyInOhio says to  (22:13:48):
I'm here to listen to your side fairly
JUSTICE4ALLOFUS says to  (22:14:40):
Really wouldnt be a fair debate anyway tony
JUSTICE4ALLOFUS says to  (22:14:57):
you would bury ben
TonyInOhio says to  (22:15:19):
yeah...we debated fairly b4, on ggt183's show...and i'd do it again..Ben was fair about it, so was I and the hosts were impartial
TonyInOhio says to  (22:15:30):
but i wont debate on anyone's home turf
JUSTICE4ALLOFUS says to  (22:15:45):
Good idea
JUSTICE4ALLOFUS says to  (22:16:53):
Ben is good with the mute button ,listen to bens archives there the proof
TonyInOhio says to  (22:17:51):
yeah...i didnt come in to troll him, i may not agree, but i didnt want to interrupt his show anyway
TonyInOhio says to  (22:18:46):
Huckabee aint running for Pres..u see that?
JUSTICE4ALLOFUS says to  (22:19:21):
Thats cool,i just came to see what bens talkin about ...its still about palestine ..time for me to go
TonyInOhio says to  (22:19:38):
TonyInOhio says to  (22:19:50):
just me and you bbum
TonyInOhio says to  (22:22:11):
I'm not going to be antagonized into a debate Ben, I want to be polite...and I don't want debate when the homefield advantage is in either of our courts
Beachbum55 says to  (22:24:30):
theres been times less than the 2 of us..:D
TonyInOhio says to  (22:27:00):
just remember Ben, whether you like it or not, the Republicans lose to Obama without the Ron Paul nominating anyone else is suicide...nominate Ron Paul or 4 more years of getting around it :)
TonyInOhio says to  (22:27:13):
and none of what you're saying makes what we did Constitutional
TonyInOhio says to  (22:27:35):
where did we declare war? where were the letters of Marque and Reprisal?
TonyInOhio says to  (22:28:03):
forget the Constitution eh?
TonyInOhio says to  (22:28:29):
no you ccan't win without us...look at McCain
TonyInOhio says to  (22:28:38):
but go ahead nominate someone else, i dare you
TonyInOhio says to  (22:28:49):
get 4 more Obama years, I dare you
TonyInOhio says to  (22:29:12):
you lose without our votes...landslide
Beachbum55 says to  (22:30:01):
u have a point there, Ben.
TonyInOhio says to  (22:30:03):
he can't defend the Constiutionality so he goes on about stuff....try telling me where in the Constitution we are allowed to overthrow foreign governemts?
TonyInOhio says to  (22:30:16):
if we are not at war, it's un Constitutional
TonyInOhio says to  (22:30:31):
the reality is you don't care about the Constitution
TonyInOhio says to  (22:30:38):
unless it fits what you want
ggt183 says to  (22:30:42):
ggt183 says to  (22:30:45):
TonyInOhio says to  (22:30:54):
Barbary Pirates...they werew taken by Marque and Reprisal
TonyInOhio says to  (22:30:59):
not 20 yr occupation
TonyInOhio says to  (22:31:04):
not overthrows of govt
TonyInOhio says to  (22:31:07):
at all
ggt183 says to  (22:31:09):
come show some support to bluesky..her music show is on
TonyInOhio says to  (22:31:18):
TonyInOhio says to  (22:31:20):
bye ben
ggt183 says to  (22:31:35):
Benyamin you come over too please:)
TonyInOhio says to  (22:31:41):
Marque and Reprisal was how we dealt with letters of Marque and Reprisal
TonyInOhio says to  (22:31:49):
a Constitutioanl warmonger
Beachbum55 says to  (22:38:34):
Egypt bears watching... as G Washington said, You must always remain Vilgilent.  U dont wait until the bear is inside ur cabin..
Beachbum55 says to  (22:40:33):
Good!!!  :D
Benyamin Solomon says (22:41:49):
Time for a harass liberal segment on warlord x.
Beachbum55 says to  (22:42:19):
oh this will be good if he takes calls . .
Benyamin Solomon says (22:44:43):
Warlord X:"Kala is my brother".
Beachbum55 says to  (22:54:16):
Call IN!!!
Buck Wyldes says to  (22:55:56):
The star of David is a satanic symbol
Buck Wyldes says to  (22:56:01):
Beachbum55 says to  (22:58:17):
dont kick anyone out
Beachbum55 says to  (22:58:59):
Ohhhh I didnt see comment..
Beachbum55 says to  (22:59:24):
what does js mean????
Beachbum55 says to  (22:59:55):
Beachbum55 says to  (23:00:14):
whats his name??   Iseal jack?
Beachbum55 says to  (23:00:40):
Israel Jack??
Beachbum55 says to  (23:01:02):
how do u spell his name so I can google his writings?
Benyamin Solomon says (23:01:10):
Israel Shahak
Beachbum55 says to  (23:01:17):
Benyamin Solomon says (23:01:18):
That guy is the biggest self-hating Jew ever.
Beachbum55 says to  (23:01:22):
is he a Jew?
Benyamin Solomon says (23:01:37):
Yes. In name only. He was the biggest self hating Jew.
Benyamin Solomon says (23:01:52):
Read what Paul Bogdanor says about him. Paul Bogdanor got right to the point.
Beachbum55 says to  (23:01:56):
my brother in law is Jewish and has horrible arguments at his job where he is harrassed..
Benyamin Solomon says (23:02:21):
Sorry to hear about that.
Beachbum55 says to  (23:02:26):
U ended show early..
Benyamin Solomon says (23:02:39):
I ended on time.
Beachbum55 says to  (23:03:04):
O ok.  have a good nite.  come over to blues show at ggt radio
Beachbum55 says to  (23:03:21):
she would enjoy ur support even if u put sound down
Beachbum55 says to  (23:03:52):
only has a hour left in her show and she loves u.
Beachbum55 says to  (23:04:05):
Benyamin Solomon says (23:06:48):
I'll go to listen to her on GGt183's show at the latest later.
Beachbum55 says to  (23:07:30):
Ok but her show is in its last hour...
Benyamin Solomon says (23:08:40):
I'll be coming to her show very soon.
Benyamin Solomon says (23:11:42):
Sorry. I'm closing up the chatroom now.

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