Monday, January 16, 2012

The Ben Solomon Whatever Hour cohosted by Robert Scott 1/16/2012

*** (21:53:35):Welcome to the rwj Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
BobUSMC says to  (22:09:10):
Kala is saying how can they do ALL that?  IT's SIMPLE, because they took the Jews' guns.  People like George Soros helped the ANZI's out.
BobUSMC says to  (22:10:08):
how hard is it for NAZI's when 6 million Jews have no weapons to fight with?
Minister Grok says to  (22:10:11):
Minister Grok says to  (22:10:16):
God Bless you Ben!
Minister Grok says to  (22:10:25):
Hry Bob and Movinforward
Minister Grok says to  (22:10:28):
BobUSMC says to  (22:10:38):
much easier to go fight already weak opponents in Europe at that point.
BobUSMC says to  (22:10:46):
Minister Grok says to  (22:11:08):
How do you deny the Holocaust? that is just evil and pure stupidity
Minister Grok says to  (22:11:14):
it is soo documented
Minister Grok says to  (22:11:18):
and tons of witnesses
Minister Grok says to  (22:11:21):
BobUSMC says to  (22:12:24):
Grok, I saw them saying that stuff the other night on Kala's show.
Minister Grok says to  (22:12:51):
BobUSMC says to  (22:12:58):
some real racist stuff over there.
Minister Grok says to  (22:13:04):
it's sad
BobUSMC says to  (22:13:20):
"Nuthin' but the facts" - Sgt Joe Friday
Minister Grok says to  (22:25:07):
Some people just HATE in general...stupid people
Minister Grok says to  (22:29:14):
The good thing is, the Jews ultimately win, because they are God's chosen people!
MELINDA says to  (22:33:48):
MELINDA says to rwj Benyamin Solomon (private) (22:33:56):
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MELINDA says to rwj Benyamin Solomon (private) (22:34:06):
I WANT TO PROTECT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minister Grok says to  (22:34:18):
MELINDA says to rwj Benyamin Solomon (private) (22:34:19):
I WANT TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MELINDA says to  (22:34:28):
MELINDA says to  (22:34:33):
MELINDA says to  (22:35:07):
Antoinette is anti-Semitic.  She was bashing Jews the other night on Kalagenesis's show.
rwj Benyamin Solomon says to MELINDA (private) (22:36:18):
BobUSMC says to  (22:37:17):
hey melinda
BobUSMC says to  (22:37:57):
she's a phony.   her douchey friend tessler's a piece of shiit, too.
BobUSMC says to  (22:38:18):
a lyingoiece of shiit
BobUSMC says to  (22:38:26):
lying piece
BobUSMC says to  (22:38:37):
gaaawd i hate typing
BobUSMC says to  (22:38:42):
Minister Grok says to  (22:39:06):
Typing sux :@
BobUSMC says to  (22:41:42):
BobUSMC says to  (22:41:45):
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (22:44:51):
MELINDA says to  (22:46:18):
MELINDA says to  (22:46:22):
she's trash, bob
MELINDA says to  (22:46:27):
tessler is a liberal democrat
MELINDA says to  (22:48:34):
but i agree, bob, antoinette is a military hating liberal trash democrat
MELINDA says to  (22:48:56):
she's also an anti-semite
MELINDA says to  (22:48:59):
and she's on welfare
Welfare Addict says to  (22:49:12):
Don't hae tha playa hate the game, host
BobUSMC says to  (22:50:33):
tessler is a dorky twit who just says ANYTHING from left field.  He's a loony toon wackjob.
BobUSMC says to  (22:51:40):
Melinda, the dork won't take me up on that bet.  says I wasn't a Marine but can't back it up.  hahaha.
BobUSMC says to  (22:51:49):
Minister Grok says to  (22:52:01):
these guys r ignorant
Minister Grok says to  (22:52:05):
BobUSMC says to  (22:52:12):
i swear, some of the people on BTR are insane.
Welfare Addict says to  (22:52:27):
some?? I would bet most of them are
BobUSMC says to  (22:52:36):
MELINDA says to  (22:52:49):
i know, bob.
Minister Grok says to  (22:52:54):
very true welfare
MELINDA says to  (22:52:58):
you actually served
BobUSMC says to  (22:53:02):
haha, that's ben calling to kala's.  LOL.
MELINDA says to  (22:53:05):
that tessler guy never served
MELINDA says to  (22:53:18):
i can't believe he would try to question your service
MELINDA says to  (22:53:22):
that is just out of bounds
MELINDA says to  (22:53:30):
i don't care what they think of me
MELINDA says to  (22:53:34):
i know my credentials.
MELINDA says to  (22:53:38):
i know what i'm about
BobUSMC says to  (22:54:46):
ya know wut's funny Melinda, i got an impartial judge who I've given the info about my DD214, which is registered in the courthouse in my home county when I got out.  LMAO!
MELINDA says to  (22:55:04):
MELINDA says to  (22:55:07):
me too
MELINDA says to  (22:55:14):
but you see, these people don't care
MELINDA says to  (22:55:16):
god damn them
BobUSMC says to  (22:55:17):
and he's a former Marine too.
MELINDA says to  (22:55:25):
lol - they don't care, bob
MELINDA says to  (22:55:32):
they don't work with facts
MELINDA says to  (22:55:47):
they're all about egos and not america and not conservative politics
MELINDA says to  (22:55:53):
it's about their egos.
BobUSMC says to  (22:56:32):
you know as well as I do that vets want to expose phony soldiers so if I'm a phony this judge will be totally offended by me, you too, I'm sure.
BobUSMC says to  (22:56:33):
and Sarge
BobUSMC says to  (22:57:02):
and Rambo, and ranger, and any other vets or active duty.  Amirite?   lol.
MELINDA says to  (22:57:13):
MELINDA says to  (22:57:16):
you are right
MELINDA says to  (22:57:20):
love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobUSMC says to  (22:58:17):
just like when Lt. Col. Tigerbo Dawson got exposed as a BTR fraud.
BobUSMC says to  (22:58:26):
every vet was disgusted by him
BobUSMC says to  (22:58:39):
every vet got disgusted by him
MELINDA says to  (22:58:40):
i hated that tigerbo guy
MELINDA says to  (22:58:46):
he was asking people for money
MELINDA says to  (22:58:53):
a huge fraud
BobUSMC says to  (22:59:37):
funny thing, he got found out in D.C. and I saw a photo of him with an Army Cavalry stetson.  I thught that was strange for a Marine.  LOL.
MELINDA says to  (22:59:54):
yeah, i remember that
BobUSMC says to  (23:00:00):
he got some money or a car or something from somebody
MELINDA says to  (23:00:10):
doesn't he live in a trailer park in ohio?
MELINDA says to  (23:00:11):
bluesky69 says to  (23:00:22):
hi ben,bob,ggt,mel (L):-*
BobUSMC says to  (23:00:24):
ggt183 says to  (23:00:31):
Hi Bluesky
BobUSMC says to  (23:00:31):
BobUSMC says to  (23:00:53):
bluesky, you been doin' ur music show?
BobUSMC says to  (23:00:58):
BobUSMC says to  (23:01:13):
i haven't been around BTR until kinda recently
bluesky69 says to  (23:01:27):
no bob
MELINDA says to  (23:01:35):
hey, bluesky
MELINDA says to  (23:01:40):
oh, it's ggt
BobUSMC says to  (23:01:58):
i found a pretty kool contemporary jazz show at 2 am
MELINDA says to  (23:02:02):
hi, ggt
bluesky69 says to  (23:02:08):
oh reaally?
MELINDA says to  (23:02:16):
hello, ggt
MELINDA says to  (23:02:30):
ggt, are you gonna say hi back?
MELINDA says to  (23:02:48):
or are you gonna be rude and trashy/
MELINDA says to  (23:02:51):
MELINDA says to  (23:03:19):
see, i try to be nice to people, and look at what i get in return.
bluesky69 says to  (23:03:34):
im nice to u mel
MELINDA says to  (23:03:36):
well, at least i know i take the high road.
MELINDA says to  (23:03:41):
i love you, bluesky
bluesky69 says to  (23:04:04):

(L) u 2
MELINDA says to  (23:05:24):
i try one more time
MELINDA says to  (23:05:27):
Hi, ggt
MELINDA says to  (23:05:42):
BobUSMC says to  (23:06:39):
yea bluesky, he's on at 2 am on BTR.  can't recall the name of the show
bluesky69 says to  (23:06:49):
bluesky69 says to  (23:06:54):
bluesky69 says to  (23:06:59):
i must look for itt
bluesky69 says to  (23:07:07):
i dont mind jazz
BobUSMC says to  (23:07:25):
I miss doing the occasional show.    quite a few people have told me that they wish I was still doing a music show
BobUSMC says to  (23:07:37):
i just didn't need another monthly bill right now.
bluesky69 says to  (23:07:46):
ya i hear ya
bluesky69 says to  (23:07:59):
it can get ezpensive
bluesky69 says to  (23:08:04):
BobUSMC says to  (23:08:09):
i'll find the show before this ends
bluesky69 says to  (23:08:15):
MELINDA says to  (23:08:54):
bob, you should have a political show
MELINDA says to  (23:08:57):
1/2 hour
MELINDA says to  (23:09:04):
it's free
MELINDA says to  (23:09:16):
it think it'd be real popular
bluesky69 says to  (23:10:30):
BobUSMC says to  (23:12:08):
naaaa, i hate politics
BobUSMC says to  (23:12:28):
muzak, i can stomach if it's good
bluesky69 says to  (23:17:40):
wow my computer refreshed on it's own
MELINDA says to  (23:17:57):
bluesky69 says to  (23:18:11):
im serious it did
BobUSMC says to  (23:19:38):
ok, the show is called "Late Night Jazz For Insomniacs" hosted by Larry Ellis Jr.  l believe he's a professional musician like myself.
bluesky69 says to  (23:21:39):
ok thank's bob
bluesky69 says to  (23:21:44):
i must check it out
bluesky69 says to  (23:22:38):
ben, are you all talked out?
bluesky69 says to  (23:22:42):
bluesky69 says to  (23:22:57):
i guess not...he extending
bluesky69 says to  (23:22:59):
BobUSMC says to  (23:23:14):
yea, it's kool.  Larry's a kool kat.
bluesky69 says to  (23:23:33):
bluesky69 says to  (23:25:27):
i gotta go baking Chocolate chip muffins and oatmeal
bluesky69 says to  (23:25:38):
night all
BobUSMC says to  (23:26:11):
haha, Obama's more worried about Israel's borders than our southern border.
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (23:28:32):
Ill end the show soon afterward.
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (23:30:46):
(}) everyone. I'll be at ggt183's show.

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