Friday, January 13, 2012

The Iran Ron Paul Neturai Karta Blame America Paradox 1/13/2011

*** (13:49:32):Welcome to the rwj Benyamin Solomon Chat Room.
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (13:57:14):
(}) SM7.
SM7 says to  (14:00:09):
SM7 says to  (14:00:21):
welcome back
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (14:02:15):
Thanks, SM7. It's great to be back.
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (14:02:21):
I was back on Sunday.
Glass Joe says to  (14:47:33):
Glass Joe says to  (14:48:09):
What God do you speak of ???
Glass Joe says to  (14:49:13):
The word God is a german word...look it up
rwj Benyamin Solomon says (14:49:41):
Glass Joe says to  (14:49:46):
Ron Paul won't win ...
Glass Joe says to  (14:50:43):
It can't be whatever,its what it is. sorry to disagree.

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